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Oh dear, my obsession with multiple drives and partitions means I've only got a handful of drive letters left, or less than none if I plugged in just one more backup disk.  I'm even resorting to A and B (and not with floppies).

Anyone gloating about Linux will be shot!

What's a drive le... *ducks*   ;D

I thought Windows started using double letters or something when it ran out?  Or is that just Excel?

Sounds like a pressing need for Unicode support, in the sense of needing a bigger monitor so you can store more files on the Desktop.

Windows only offers me single letters.  Must admit I haven't actually tested it with absolutely all of the letters used.  I just know I'd need more than 26 with everything I want connected.

I even fitted a toggle switch to the power to my two internal CD drives so they only take letters when required.  (Quicker than me resetting letters manually).  Also saves annoying noises at boot time.

It is possible in Windows to mount drives in empty directories, so no need for more than 26 letters.

I'll look into that.  Thanks Paul.


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