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My saturday in Lewisham
« on: September 14, 2008, 11:37:28 pm »
Hey when an idiot on a cycle riding on the pavement, decides he wants to be on the other side of the road.  So comes off the pavement, rides for a while circ four cars, on the wrong side of the road then cuts between a gap between the now stationary cars.  Cars stopped to avoid him, he then tries to cross the road and the cars on the other side are moving so he stops infront of a senior citizen in a micra, I should say tries to but seem to fall on to the micras bonnet.

He then gets up of the bonnet and proceeds to shout, swear and intimidate the old lady in the car and she is terrified.  I get out of the car I'm in and see whats going on. Cyclist rides off leaving a dented bonnet (that was dented anyway) and a terrified little old lady.

It was in a busy street in Lewisham, near Tesco's, the station and the police station, and no one did anything.  No one said a word or stopped to help. I called the police but was told to get the old lady to report it as there was no injury as they didn't have any spare manpower.

I don't know whats sadder, the fact that no one said anything, people stopped to stare, but not step in.  The idiot could even say sorry the car was pre battered so I doubt he did much damage but why the abuse? why the name calling?  He wasn't young either, and looked quite well (clean and tidy) dressed.

Just odd how people prefer to look than do something.