Author Topic: The flowers that bloom in the spring  (Read 565 times)

The flowers that bloom in the spring
« on: May 21, 2014, 01:50:21 am »
Time for a celebration. Thus far, it's been the best spring for wild flowers that I can recall.

Cowslips have turned up in all sorts of new places.

The bluebells have been superb.

The wood anemones, which were a bit earlier, have produced carpets of flowers which I hve never seen before in such profusion.

A short section along the Rea Valley, of Nikki's ride on Saturday, was an aromatic wallow in the scents & sights of May blossom & cow parsley. They're still there, but today's commute was about buttercups.

A carpet of buttercups today in Charlecote Park (don't the deer eat them?) was enough to rival the oil-seed rape flowers a couple of km NW & a fortnight ago. The buttercups subsequently provided a spectaculary stripey ridge & furrow view of Loxley Church Meadow.

Elderflower is emerging...