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Hana the Great Dane.
« on: June 30, 2014, 12:58:55 am »
So, we finally picked up our new puppy yesterday. Say hello to Hana!

Old mum & new mum.

Tried to take a 'family' photo, but Story (the mum) is a show dog and has never really learned to sit and Hana, well, she's 8 weeks old.

Didn't get an awful lot of sleep last night. Currently the 'go potty' timer is at 90 minutes and it seems to work well.
Oh and when the breeder said "when she wakes up after a long nap/sleeping, take her out straight away", they meant *straight away*.
First time we got as far as the hallway...

She's happy enough to sleep in her crate when she's tired, but not so much when she's not sleeping. As she will be alone for a few hours every day, it's essential that she learns to love her crate, so this will (along with getting enough sleep), be the biggest challenge over the next week or so.


Re: Hana the Great Dane.
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Hmm, I was told that the images don't show up??..
How about this one?

Re: Hana the Great Dane.
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I can see all pics  :thumbsup:

Story & Hana look gorgeous. Size difference is funny ;D
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Re: Hana the Great Dane.
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Great pics :thumbsup:
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