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Wild Country Etesian 2
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Just back from the 3D 300K and used my Etesian 2 Tent (2013 model). It wasn't the first time I'd used it but it was my first cycling adventure with it. Most of the time I car camp and so I bought the Wild Country Etesian 3 season "two man" tent which has a reasonable but not ultra-lite claimed weight of 2.9Kg (6lb 6oz). What particularly drew me to this tent was the fact that it is free standing, i.e. it can be pitched without guying out if necessary, handy if pitching in a small space like a garden, OTOH I'm unlikely to take a good quality tent to Glastonbury or Burning Man :) Working on my own it takes me a little under 15 mins to erect the tent, I don't doubt some could do it faster.

While this is supposedly a two man tent, those would need to be two small men who were really good friends! My full sized Thermarest mattress fills most of the tent's floor, but it's very comfortable and I'm very attached to it. There is a little room around the sides for a lantern, book, clock, etc. I should say I'm pretty much mister average in size at 5'10", I can sit up comfortably and change into my bike gear without too much difficulty. This was the main reason I went for a "two man" tent, I've always found one man tents claustrophobic. The vestibule is a reasonable size and easily accommodates two large packs and my boots with room to still get in and out.

The tent itself seems to be of good quality, as you'd expect from this brand and it certainly withstood Saturday's heavy downpours of rain very well, with no leaks what so ever and dried very quickly. While I picked up a footprint for £20 when I bought the tent, I've actually been using a couple of £5 tarps for tent and vestibule ground protection, they work very well and are much heavier duty.

Inside there are the usual nice touches, as you'd expect, two mesh pockets of reasonable size for storing smaller items like glasses, etc. a place to hang a light lamp and various toggles to enable the vestibule flap and inner vent flaps to be rolled up and held in position.

While not the cheapest at £180 it looks like it will last for many years with the lowish usage I will give it and keep me warm and dry.

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Does it pitch outer-first?
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It looks similar to a Vaude Taurus

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The inner and outer are joined, I guess you could pitch outer first if inclined to separate them.