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DPD's crown in Rugby at least has well and truly slipped.

I ordered a pair of pedals from Bike24 over 3 weeks back.  They arrived at DPD's local DC on 16th August and then went into "in transit" on 17th.  Not "out for delivery" mind, "in transit"

After a week I contacted Bike24 who were less than helpful but eventually raised an issue with DPD.  After two weeks I reminded Bike24 who curtly told me to be patient.  Fuck that. I ordered a pair of the same pedals later that day from Tredz.

I also contacted DPD who promise to respond in upto 4 hours:  It was 4 days and a "pass you on to somebody else" fob off.   Still no reply.

After my morning run and breakfast today I fired off more emails to DPD and Bike24 as it is now over 3 weeks.

The Royal Mail delivered my Tredz order a couple of hours ago.   I have now cancelled my Bike24 order and requested a refund.

DPD have been shite in this but Bike24 haven't covered themselves in glory either.   Tredz and The Royal Mail on the other hand ...

The good news is that my recently acquired tandem can now go for pilot trials.    👍