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Having totally lost touch with MTBing for many years due to an injury I'm now getting back to it and rebuilding a bike.  Got most of the stuff but need a fork and have no idea of what is good and what isn't these days (last one I bought was an MXC Comp many many years ago). 
It's a hard tail that will take a 100 to a 120mm travel fork.  My riding is mostly XC and enduro rather than head banging, so reliability, moderately light and would be nice to have a lockout for the smooth bits.  I'm looking at second hand, maybe up to around £150ish.  Any suggestions of what to consider?


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Rockshox Reba is probably the standard and second hand should be in budget, just check the axle type. I'm guessing that you need a QR but some of tehm are now through axle which would probably need a new hub....

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I just bought a 2014 Suntour Epicon in 100mm flavour and I'm really impressed. It's on Sue's bike - mine has a Fox FLoat 32 - and just riding it around the Suntour seems really very good - and I paid £130 new.

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I ended up with a fox talas 120mm for a very good second hand price. 
Compared to my old pace rc36 evoII 90mm travel fork it is a whole new world!