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I used to have one. It had a fast boost mode, a conditioning mode and the standard mode. It was the size of half a shoebox.
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Re: battery charger . . .
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Two BL700 chargers here.
With good reason.
Without stating the obvs, there's a price to be paid for fast charging....


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Re: battery charger . . .
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I have a Uniross 15min charger it's designed for use with Unross Red AA and AAA batteries. Fook me do the batteries get hot. First time round I got scared that they were gonna explode so turnt it off and didnt try again til I had a protective screen (I've been burnt by an exploding 12v).

Anyways about 8 full cycles the batteries were fooked.
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Re: battery charger . . .
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I use one of these:

You can charge at 200/500/700/1000mA, charge AA and AAA batteries, and it's got modes that will charge, discharge/recharge and perform a full refresh of batteries (which appears to discharge and recharge until the total charge they take remains about the same). It discharges at half the charge rate, so if you're running 2500mAh batteries and run a full refresh expect it to take 2-3 days to finish.

It's got four ports and you can use any, all or none of them. If you're putting a lot of current into batteries the recommendation is to charge two rather than four, and put them at the ends to let more air circulate around them.

The link I provided is for the US eBay site, I think you can get them this side of the water but the price will probably reflect the usual 1:1 rate between $ and £ that's so irritating.
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