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Decathlon 300 bib tights & 500 L/S jersey
« on: October 29, 2014, 04:58:50 pm »
Back in March I started cycle commuting - 7 miles each way. Needing to augment my cycling wardrobe on a budget I took a punt on these two items. The jersey looks and feels the part but I was a bit apprehensive about the bib tights as the padding is very unsophisticated and screams 'entry level' when you look at it. However, with both priced at £20 or so, I thought it was worth a go.

I am pleased to report they have both stood the test of time and repeated washes very well (I tend to wear fresh every day). Obviously they have had a rest over the summer. The jersey is warm and a good fit, the sizing is honest. The tights have done much better than expected. Again, the fit is good. They are wearing well. I wouldn't choose them for a whole day in the saddle, not least because there is no zip! For half an hour at a time the padding does the business comfortably. Warmth wise they are Spring/Autumn weight by my standards.

For the price I would give the jacket five stars and the tights four.

Recently they have been on offer in store at £12 for the tights and £13 for the jacket. I've been stocking up.

I have also used their cycle specific base layers. They are comfy and hard wearing too although I would take the claimed temperature ranges with a pinch of salt - they deliver as they look.

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Re: Decathlon 300 bib tights & 500 L/S jersey
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I bought some of their bib shorts last year in the spring and they are the most comfortable shorts I've ever had. Have been worn countless times and washed after every use, and still in A1 condition. Worn on long days in the saddle and still comfy at the end of the day. They cost about EUR20. A 'best buy' without doubt.
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Re: Decathlon 300 bib tights & 500 L/S jersey
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2016, 02:25:58 pm »
All my cycling shorts / longs are from Decathlon so I'm not really sure I can compare, but I have some 300 shorts, some 500 bib shorts, and some 700 longs and they are all good - I don't think I paid more than £30 for any of them. The longs were a particular bargain in a sale.

The pads in the 500 & 700 are the same and comfy on a 200k without chamois creme. The pad in the 300 shorts is much thinner, but it has survived more than a year of heavy use and distances >40 miles with no noticeable discomfort.

Re: Decathlon 300 bib tights & 500 L/S jersey
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Bought the decathlon bib shorts in a slightly higher price range: excellent. Hated their jersey though.