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[HAMR] Just a minor update and reminder
« on: December 07, 2014, 05:16:24 pm »
I am stunned by the support that Steve's friends have already committed to supporting him thru the next 12 months.

 Amazing and huge thanks from me.

 But we are not there yet in terms of having enough in the pot -- I am looking to AUK to be significant contributors here -- and if you can talk to any of the Board before next Saturday and explain how Steve's efforts are going to spread the virtues of Audax riding  across the national media as he beats the record in the last quarter of the year -- PLEASE BEND THEIR EARS.

We are also doing well in getting commercial sponsorship - the web site ,, may not be right up to date - but gives a good feel for what is happening.

Finally I have gone thru the pages of the original thread making a careful note of who indicated that they would help financially -- when I get time I will be checking those names against the current committed list -- so if you were thinking of helping and have not changed your mind, but have not done so yet,  -- PLEASE set up a payment now -- I want to be able to show AUK how many of Steve's friends (who are AUK members)  are committed to the success of this venture - and how much of their own money they will put behind Steve to help.

I was an accountant until I discovered Audax !!