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If I wish to extend a Calender event, do I use Google Maps (walking) to calculate the additional distance or can I use a GPS track such as RideWithGPS or Strava?
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Well, as of this weekend's AGM you can do either.

However, whether the ECE man is ready for the change is something you need to check with him on.

I suspect the whole DIY/ECE team will need to work through the procedures and create some guidance for mandatory over the coming weeks/months.

But, whatever, talk to Martin!
Right! What's next?

Ooooh. That sounds like a daft idea.  I am in!

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No problem with mandatory route for ECE  :) all I would ask is as the route is de facto pre checked just enter the Strava / Ride with GPS / Garmin connect etc. route url in the google maps box on the entry form I don't need to confirm it's ok  :)

what I'd like to avoid is a pre and a post ride gpx for me to approve just a link to the route on the entry form (assuming of course it comes up to the distance) is fine

I can't of course mandate the calendar leg but I'm sure riders will follow it if they go down the mandatory ECE route and i'm willing to allow unplanned diversions as always


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Great advice, thanks Martin

from a veteran of one ECE

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Thank you Martin that answers that question I think !
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