Author Topic: That huge CIRC doping report which Cookson has braced us for is out now  (Read 698 times)


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The Beeb have a story already Grim stuff, but Verbruggen and McQuaid are cleared of taking bribes. Very disappointing, I really wanted them to be prosecuted.  There's plenty of other stuff which is at least as unwelcome:

One "respected cycling professional" believes that 90% of the peloton is still doping, another put it at 20%

Riders are micro-dosing, taking small but regular amounts of banned substance, to fool the latest detection methods

The abuse of Therapeutic Use Exemptions, sick notes, is commonplace, with one rider saying 90% of these are used to boost performance

The use of weight-loss drugs, experimental medicine and powerful painkillers is widespread, leading to eating disorders, depression and even crashes

With doping done now on a more conservative basis, other forms of cheating are on the rise, particularly related to bikes and equipment

Doping in amateur cycling is endemic

Travis Tygart's reaction suggests he will try to get Verbruggen/McQuaid up before the judge:

“A stunning example of deceit found by the CIRC is that the UCI, under the explicit direction of Hein Verbruggen and Pat McQuaid, commissioned a supposedly ‘independent’ investigation of Armstrong’s positive samples from the Tour de France. According to the CIRC, the UCI then conspired to allow what was sold to the public as an ‘independent’ report to be re-written by Armstrong’s own lawyer and sports agent in order to conceal Armstrong’s doping.

“USADA will work with the current UCI leadership to obtain the evidence of this sordid incident to ensure that all anti-doping rule violations related to this conduct are fully investigated and prosecuted, where possible.

“The CIRC has also confirmed that during USADA’s case against Armstrong in 2012, and under the direction of former UCI President Pat McQuaid, the UCI intentionally adopted an inaccurate position on its own anti-doping rules in order to try to derail USADA’s case against Armstrong and his co-conspirators. Here again, McQuaid’s actions were intended to prevent the truth about Armstrong’s doping and the UCI’s complicity in it from being exposed."


The full report PDF is here: