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Altura Transformer Windproof Jacket
« on: March 24, 2015, 12:44:03 pm »

I bought this recently, and I'm very pleased with it.

- Snug, but not tight. Will comfortably take a S/S or L/S jersey underneath it, but nothing thicker than that.
- Long enough at the back and short enough at the front to sit nicely when on the bike.
- Loooong sleeves, perfect for staying wrist length when on the bike.
- Too tight at the collar (but I have an unusually wide neck, so for someone with normal proportions, I expect it would be fine. I always have this problem).

- 3 narrow but acceptably deep pouches at the back and a very small zipped pocket.
- It's a softshell windproof, and the windproof panels on the arms and chest are all in the right places.
- Regular jersey material on the underarms and the back helps ventilate.
- The sleeves are one-piece (note in the image, the black panel over the top of the shoulders is the part that joins the sleeves) and zip onto the body with frontal zips (they run from top of the shoulder to armpit, not around the back). You really can unzip and remove the sleeves, whilst wearing it.
- There is a press-stud under each armpit to keep the short sleeves and the over sleeves together. The press-stud seems to not have got the memo this. Leaving it undone makes no difference at all though, so not a problem.
- Once the sleeves have been zipped off, you are left with a S/S jersey with a windproof panel on the chest. Arms are regular material.

- In the rain, it performs exactly the same as any other softshell windproof. Altura overstate the water repellency. However, the windproof panels still work  acceptably when wet and it dries out fast.
- Temperature-wise, I warm up quickly and sweat easily so I tend to tolerate colder temperatures than average. With this jacket, I'm comfortable when riding down to L/S jersey underneath. Sleeves on: 0o and up to about 12o and No jersey underneath. Sleeves off: comfortable up to about 14o. I reckon I'd be comfortable down to a few degrees the wrong side of zero, but haven't experienced that yet.
- Softshell material is comfortable enough to wear as a top in it's own right, with nothing under it.

Final note, as with other windproof tops like this that I've tried in the past, they only keep you warm when you are active. It won't take long to get cold when you stop.

Value For Money
- I bought mine for £60, and for that price I'm very pleased with it. I'm not so sure about how pleased I'd be if I'd paid full price.

Fit: 4/5
Practicality: 5/5
Performance: 5/5
VFM: 3/5 (Note - I bought mine on sale for £60, but I've rated the Value For Money as if I'd paid the RRP of £90)
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Re: Altura Transformer Windproof Jacket
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2015, 11:46:57 am »
Cold + Rain update: Brr! I've had warm + rain, and the cooling effect of being wet was manageable enough to simply feel chilly. I've had cold + rain this morning. 4o and rain was not very pleasant. I had on my Altura gilet too, and I'm glad I did - my chest was cold for the first 15 minutes and my arms remained Very Cold the whole time.
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