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Today's SPAM

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Today's is from Sage, the address is wrong, apart from the Newcastle Upon Tyne bit.

The lazy b****** haven't even added an attachment, just sent a link to a zip file!

It can be quite fun reading them, especially if your email doesn't do HTML (by choice)

Mr Larrington:
Had a similar one purporting to come from

Yeah, right.

Over the last two days I have received a load from dart-charge (yeah right!) and, apparently, my domain has a Xerox MFU in Turkey!  I know this to be so as I am receiving documents scanned on it!!! :)

I've received a few of them at work. Ignored, of course.

Got a different one the other day...

--- Quote ---Hello,

I am Samuel Williams. I want to seek for admission in your hospital for my pregnant wife. She is 20 weeks pregnant now and will be due to deliver on November 2015. This is her second issue as she had already had one child through normal delivery. She is 26 years old. I hope that your hospital will accept her for child delivery. What is the requirement for admission for child delivery in your establishment. Give me the grand total cost of delivery (Normal/surgery) in your hospital.  Admission date will probably be on the 11th November,2015. Your positive response will be appreciated.

Samuel Williams.
--- End quote ---

Any ideas? It went to the very old account I used to use for one of the morris teams I used to be in.


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