Author Topic: What does a 19inch step through frame seat tube translate to inside leg/hieght  (Read 332 times)


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Quick question was hoping that you could help.

Google comes up with lots of answer

Usually that's a pretty small frame but nobody can give a definitive answer since it is affected by wheel size and BB height.

I'd say someone with an inside leg length of 29" would be ok on a 19" stepthrough frame. Depends very much on the person and their riding style tho'
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As a "step through" I'd say you could go as "short" as a 25" inseam - rider stands on the ground at stops, then "hoists" into the saddle when starting off.
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Nothing wrong in what rafletcher said, but some people won't manage.

My wife has chronic arthritis and needs a saddle low enough that she can put both feet on the ground. So despite a 34" inside leg, she rides a 19" open frame.

If someone lacks the flexibility or strength to cope with a crossbar, I think they probably need a smaller frame than you'd normally choose for someone with their leglength.
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Theoretically, the top of the seat tube measured directly from the ground ought to be about 1" less than the rider's standing inside leg.
As there is no top tube, an invisible top tube should pass about 1" below the rider's crotch as a 'Stand over'.