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In praise of Sabbath Cycles
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In praise of Sabbath Cycles. In June 2013 I treated myself to a Sabbath September after ummimg and ahhing for ages having heard the horror stories about titanium frames cracking. I eventually went with Sabbath as they are local to me and I read a good report on the internet about how quickly they replaced a frame for someone, under their lifetime warranty, when it had cracked.
I ordered the bike through my LBS (Bike Shak, Altrincham) and specced it how I wanted (mainly for the low gears I need).
For the last two years I've loved it, riding many miles,  Audaxes and a couple of short tours.
But on Friday just gone, I was out riding and there was a loud crack. At first I thought my chain was on the point of giving up and carried on when the chain looked OK, but eventually I found that the seat tube and front tube at the bottom bracket had a large crack in it. I managed to limp home.
I thought now I'll find out how good the lifetime warranty from Sabbath is. Saturday morning I dropped off my bike at the Bike Shak and they said they'd contact Sabbath (who are closed over the weekend).
Tuesday I get a text, Sabbath have replaced the frame and my LBS will transfer over my kit onto the new frame and I can pick up Wednesday, which I just have done. No charge either!
That's pretty good customer service in my book. The mark of good customer service is how things are dealt with when they go wrong. Yes, I would have preferred the frame not to have cracked, but I knew the potential problems when I bought it and the warranty from Sabbath reassured me.
Thumbs up for the Bike Shak aswell.   :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Re: In praise of Sabbath Cycles
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Very cool.

I had a rack lug detach from my September (bought in September 2008) about three years ago. The frame was replaced without question. Last year the same thing happened and they re-attached (with a beefier weld) the failed lug and did the same on the other side. All for free and without question.

The bike remains fantastic.
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Re: In praise of Sabbath Cycles
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Just to play devil's advocate here, they have to have a lifetime warranty, otherwise people would stop buying from them.

Sabbath, like many others, don't build their own Ti frames, but source them from outside this country. I think the problem is not the titanium but the quality control (or lack of it) of the welding, over which they have little control.
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Re: In praise of Sabbath Cycles
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I have the word of Greg Roche (in 2009) that he was familiar with the factory in Taiwan then used by Enigma for making their frames*. I don't know where Sabbath frames are welded, but it shows where they were looking.

*He thought highly of it.
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Re: In praise of Sabbath Cycles
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Greg was very very particular indeed about the factories he used.

The shiny finish frame was expensive because he had the shine applied here (in the UK). Applying the shine hides the evidence that the frame had received a necessary earlier treatment. He wanted to be sure that the earlier treatment had been done properly, and the only way he could be sure was to have the frames shipped 'unshined'.
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