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Gateway Cycles Abergavenny
« on: April 24, 2017, 10:15:53 pm »
 :thumbsup: big thumbs up to this shop.  I noticed a squeak in my front wheel whilst on an audax ride passing through Abergavenny.  It was nearly closing time on a Saturday, but they were very helpful and not at all impatient.  My dynohub had seized and I was a long way from home (I live in Cumbria).  They helpfully took the front wheel and agreed to post it to my LBS.  A second-hand replacement front wheel was rustled up from the back of the shop, my tyre was swapped over and I was on my way with very little inconvenience/expense.  They have been very prompt in the ensuing email exchanges.
'Brant and Slape' 200km out of Windermere, is on the calendar for Oct 2018.  Church Hall the night before the ride.