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LEL2021 controllers
« on: August 16, 2018, 05:40:59 pm »
The LEL2021 team is looking to recruit controllers for the next edition of this phenomenal* event. At the moment we're looking for controllers in London, Edinburgh, Alston, Brampton and Eskdalemuir.

Edinburgh, Brampton and Eskdalemuir are probably the most straightforward of these controls, as the catering is done by the control. Alston is a nice little place to be for the week, and is very much a blank canvas to make your own. London is by far the biggest control of the event, and a massive undertaking, but you are guaranteed a superb support team and a buzz like no other. If you're interested in London, I'm more than willing to discuss a jobshare. In fact, that might be better than landing it all on one person.

I have to say being a controller on LEL was one of the most fun, rewarding, maddening, stressful and enjoyable things I've done for years. I was never, ever bored. We have a great team of controllers, so you'll have huge amounts of support along the way. The role is unpaid, but budget permitting we will pay an honorarium after the event.

If you're interested and would like to more, drop me a line.

*I know, I know, I would say that. But LEL's phenomenalocity long predates the current team.

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By controller you mean someone in charge of the control and all that is involved (controlling, catering, sleeping arrangement etc...) or you mean the person who physically "controls" brevet cards?

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The former.

alwyn is very well organised, but not even he would be recruiting card-stampers1 three years in advance.

1:  Yes, yes, I know there's more to it than that

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Appeals more than riding the event, but it's way too far away to commit to owt.

Phil W

LEL2021 controllers
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Indeed centrally we recruit volunteers. The volunteer controllers decide which of their volunteers will man their control desk and other roles. Delegation in action.

Controllers will attend a number of "controller" meetings in York leading up to LEL 2021. They are responsible for the management of their allocated control; both in planning and execution.  Their early recruitment and engagement is key to a smooth running phenomenal event.


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Appeals more than riding the event, but it's way too far away to commit to owt.

Same here. I think I’d enjoy this job but not sure I can commit just now.

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I am happy to commit ( or should that be - get committed?) Pm sent.
I was a volunteer at Alston last time and absolutely loved it. Such a rewarding experience. Nb all sleep deprivation, stress etc has been block out of my memory bank now.

The biggest upshot of volunteering was that, unlike riding, I could move my hands in the weeks after the event.

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Having been a controller in 2009 (Eskdalemuir) 2013 (Barnard Castle) and 2017 (St Ives), but not in 2021, I would say that sleep deprivation is not a requirement!  Yes, I suffered in 2009, but learnt from the experience and in 2013 and 2107 had an extensive rota system organised, so that everyone knew what was required of them, when and where, and I and everyone else had defined rest periods.

Key is having enough volunteers on hand.  The central organisation helps with this, but don't rely on it.  Volunteers that you recruit yourself will likely be more reliable, and you know in advance which ones you can put in positions of trust (especially while you are resting).  No need to start the process of getting volunteers until about a year before.