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The actual experience of Audax is defined by your speed. That determines the segment of the field that you will meet. So I viewed Audax as an activity for middle-aged 'fitness' cyclists, who use the recurrent challenges as a mechanism for providing base conditioning and weight control. I'd also meet runners whose injuries had brought them to cycling.

It's rare of me to agree with Damian but for once I do.

I'm fast enough to be fast, but slow enough not to a winning road racer.

So, fast audaxing is competitive enough to keep me engaged, but not competitive enough that I have to deal with losing.

Re: How fast are you?
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All an Audax is for me now, a challenge in areas I have not ridden before and to test myself only and especially the longer I go ....


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Re: How fast are you?
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I manned a control on a 300 recently, about 100k in.  I'd never seen the "sharp end" of an Audax before (well, apart from a few bottoms disappearing into the distance at the start).  I was mightily impressed that the first riders rolled in almost on the stroke of the control opening time, so had been riding at or around the maximum speed. 

My speed is very terrain dependent but RideWithGPS* tells me my "moving average" floats around 20kmh (but plummets on hilly rides)  All the same I often find myself yo-yo ing with groups of much faster riders on audaxes.  They zoom past.  One of them has a puncture/needs a wee.  I trundle by.  They zoom past.  They are chatting at a control cafe.  I get my card stamped and trundle off.  They zoom past ...   

All this is because I am an unsociable git with Durano Plus tyres and a large bladder capacity.

* Other websites are available.  And will give different "moving averages"