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"Cambridge Diss'd Clare" 200k perm
« on: January 20, 2016, 07:40:01 pm »
I rode this yesterday with fellow Cambridge CTC member (and fellow newbie-ish audaxer) John. This is one of wilkyboy's growing list of perms than can be ridden from Cambridge. It's a great route offering some choice slices of Suffolk and just dipping into Norfolk for a control at Diss.

Having ridden a few 200's before in summer I wasn't quit prepared for just how much more challenging a winter ride would be. For details, I wrote an account for the Cambridge CTC blog here:

- Alex.

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Good effort!

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Great write up. Well done, especially in this cold snap  :thumbsup:


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Re: "Cambridge Diss'd Clare" 200k perm
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Well done both and a great write-up Alex  :thumbsup:

It was a mighty cold day to attempt the ride and you were lucky there wasn't too much ice about.  I'm glad the big skies arrived in the end.

It's a tough time of the year to hone your audaxian skills — the upside being that in a Darwinian way you'll probably hone them all the quicker, or else ... ???  ;)
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Re: "Cambridge Diss'd Clare" 200k perm
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I did this perm with a mate in November,a really nice ride. We parked in the park and ride at Trumpington, it's about £1 for the day. There's then a great traffic free cyclepath straight into the centre of Cambridge that takes about 15 mins. i've also done Nicks Cambridge market 200, another great day out - recommended. Nicks perm routes are great for London based riders like myself with a fast simple journey to Cambridge by train or car and then you cycle straight into really nice countryside.