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Camping Chair ALDI
« on: June 24, 2018, 08:52:37 am »
ALDI are advertising a Camping Chair Like mine (as far as I can see) at 17,99,   If it is it will be about 1Kg.   I have a Moon Lense one and its great with the exception it needs some platic feet to spread the load.    on soft ground. Great for the less acrobatic like me who even cycle camping needs to sit down at the end of the day in a comfy chair.

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It's a copy of a Helinox Chair One (£80), such as have been available at intervals since fairly shortly after the Chair One came out.
The main difference is that the legs are more ordinary tubing than the DAC tubing that Helinox chairs use, which means the weight limit is 100 kg, rather than the 145 kg of the Helinox. I would expect that there isn't the same level of quality control either.
The feet still sink into soft ground with the Helinox, and come off if you aren't careful about pulling out the sunken leg.
I recommend rubber walking stick ferrules, as found in your local hardware shop.

A chair is worth the weight if you spend much time at the tent (other than sleeping in it).
I actually prefer the Alite Mayfly chair, which is low enough to use inside a tent, and won't punch holes in the groundsheet.

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Had a Helinox copy collapse under me in France last year. You get what you pay for.
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