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Might be off-topic but probably fits here better than elsewhere.

Just back from the Bespoked Handbuilt Show in Bristol. Been trying to go to it for years and finally made today and what a show it is.  The Engine Shed is a small venue but it packs in a lot of beautiful bikes, of all flavours.

Baum and Llewellyn from Australia had some drool inducing race bikes and tourers. Reilly Cycleworks from Brighton, yummy titanium, along with Wittson.  Keim from France had 2 very interesting wooden bikes.

Unfortunately AVD weren't there so couldn't talk with Karl about my Windcheetah, boohoo.

Did see Mr Teethgrinder himself, Steve Abraham, at London Cycle Couriers talk looking very chilled out and enjoying life.

Drew Buck was also sighted looking at this:

Wonder if this is his next PBP steed?

Last day tomorrow, get along if you can.

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A few more photos from today's Bespoked

Talbot frameworks track bike, fantastic paint job.

Engineered Bikes 'Donda'

Italian frames displayed from Daccordi

Beautifully detailed chainring from Cloud 9 Bikes

The bike the above chainring was attached to...

Road bike from Talbot Frameworks

Gorgeous tourer from Swallow

Interesting addition to the Llewellyn

Gorgeous copper and silver from Meteor

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can't see the photos.  :'(

Blodwyn Pig

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^^^WHS :'(

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I'll just use my imagination.
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me neither :'(

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Aha! Nice pics. I don't think I'll ever want to carry 2 full beer kegs on a bicycle, no matter how well built :-)

I went to Bespoked a couple of years ago and saw some lovely bikes and spoke to their excellent builders. What's gets me is that I hardly ever see any of their work on the road. I have a Shand, which I love, yet I've still to actually see another one in real life, as opposed to shows and online.
I am often asked, what does YOAV stand for? It stands for Yoav On A Velo

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Shand's are beautiful, they must spend hours on those welds.  I quite fancy the Stooshie.

I have never seen another on the road either come to think of it.

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Went again yesterday to see what was new.  good to have a chat with Chris King while looking at his new colour R45 hubs.  Then had a look at some very nice Titanium framed bikes (cant remember the make!) that appear to have been fillet brazed.  They were'nt of course, but were tig welded then 'cleaned' up to look like fillet brazing, I then nearly fell over when I heard the price of £8500 for just the frame and forks.   :o


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Anyone going this uyear? Calling veterans:

I can only do Friday or Sunday (AUK volunteering  O:-) ); is either preferable?
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