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Kids bike shorts
« on: May 07, 2016, 08:19:35 pm »
My 6yo daughter and I went on a Witney MTB club ride out today.  :thumbsup:
Despite it being much further and harder than she has ridden before, she enjoyed it and wants to go again (it has to be said that the rideleaders were excellent). However, she's not brilliant at using her legs as suspension, so she was complaining of a sore bottom and asking for bike shorts. Seemed like a good plan, but on looking online, most padded shorts for kids seem to be unisex.  How does that work?
We'll have a pop into a LBS (or 2) tomorrow, but I was wondering if anyone here had been down this route and had suggestions for good bike shorts for girls?


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Re: Kids bike shorts
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I don't see why kids' cycling shorts shouldn't be unisex; there's no need for a fly and little boys don't have much tackle.
Black is the best colour for shorts IMO anyway.
My partner still wears my old cycling shorts though both of us are normally-shaped adults.
Lycra is stretchy...

I think getting shorts that are small enough might be a challenge.

Re: Kids bike shorts
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There are a few sets of shorts about that start at 6-8 years (eg: ).
Most are probably more concerned with looking the part, but hopefully they will be sufficient.


Re: Kids bike shorts
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Decathlon is your friend for this,  they do a full range of kids road and MTB clothing, cheap and functional.

Re: Kids bike shorts
« Reply #4 on: May 08, 2016, 09:17:55 pm »
Decathlon was brilliant. Good range of clothes (deent and cheap, or very nice and reasonably priced), changing rooms to try them on, lots of little bits and pieces, tools, tyres, tubes etc.
Thanks for the recommendation - one happy daughter was cycling round in her new gear all afternoon!  :)