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Have you been out today on a Perm or DIY?

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Most of the threads here relate to specific Cal events.
The Rides and Touring board explicitly states 'Not Audax'.
So where to post 'Have you been out today', when the answer is a Perm or DIY Audax?
A thread for random Audax rides is required.

So I have been out today, and I rode the route of the old Dee - Lecht -Able 200k which used to run from my home village.
There was a serious cold headwind from the North which was a PITA on the Ballater - Dufftown Lumpy Section.
On the homeward leg, the sun came out and fried me on the Right-Hand side,

Good thread Feanor  :thumbsup: I do quite a few DIYs so will post them here. 

Looks a good ride.

A timely thread  8)
Yesterday I did the Saddleworth-Bowland perm starting from Sowerby Bridge rather than Uppermill , definitely a full value ride for me , getting back into Sowerby Bridge 14 hours later somewhat sun burnt and not a little tired  ;D


Trip to a very sunny seaside yesterday
Included a small voyage (thanks to JonB for showing the possibility).
Got my keys back.

Excellent idea Feanor. Most of my rides are DIY perms these days. You just keep churning them out, collecting your points and wondering why you bother with Audax at all. You could just go for a ride?  - But it's good to know you're part of something. This could be a good thread.

On Friday/Saturday I did my duty 400 GPSDIY towards my 10'th (and last) SR.
A circuit of North Wales. Sunny and scenic with just  a touch of headwind heading East.
Macclesfield - Barmouth - Caernarfon - Chester - Macclesfield.



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