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Re: Have you been out today on a Perm or DIY?
« Reply #550 on: April 07, 2019, 10:19:13 am »
I think it was just as beautiful when the mines were active, but in a different way.
I don't know what we should or could have done to save the communities but the "nothing" that actually happened has left a generation bereft. I've flippantly described it as terrifying but it's also very very sad.
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Re: Have you been out today on a Perm or DIY?
« Reply #551 on: April 08, 2019, 11:30:04 am »
There's still a lot of bad feeling among the older generation about the way that the Thatcher governments did nothing while coal mines, shipyards, steelworks, engineering firms closed down in the 1980's.  I'm not sure how many of the young ones know about this history though, as local history doesn't seem to be on the school curriculum anymore.  No doubt they are still affected by the after effects on their local community.

Re: Have you been out today on a Perm or DIY?
« Reply #552 on: April 18, 2019, 07:39:19 pm »
Overnight 300 DIY starting at York then taking in the delights of Selby, Knottingley, Thorne and Goole before heading down the Trent to cross at Keadby. Not very pretty but as it was dark it didn't matter.  Up to the Humber Bridge followed by York (again) and a schlep up the Vale to Darlo.

Arranged to doss ina mate's conservatory in Goole but overslept a bit and had to work hard against the wind to get back in time. Also meant I missed the sun coming up as I crossed the bridge but it was foggy anyway so wouldn't have seen it.

First go at a 300 as a stepping stone to the Great North Road 400 next month. Think it would have gone better if I'd done it all in daylight.
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Re: Have you been out today on a Perm or DIY?
« Reply #553 on: May 06, 2019, 01:14:30 pm »
Decided to knock out an easy 200 on Sunday for one of the RRTYs

Strong Northerly so after a good rest on Saturday morning took the train up to the parents caravan near Pitlochry.
Set off along the north road into the wind along the lochs towards Rannoch Station for a second breakfast although scandalously the sausage was the wrong shape for these pairts.

Wind assisted back off the Muir and onto the South rannoch road before taking on the Schiehallion climb, Braes of Foss was very busy on this sunny, but cold and windy day and I wasn't really trying, however O set a few PBs on the way down to Coshiville particularly in the wide open top section near the deer park.
I decided I need to look up the source of Coshieville as it looks suspiciously Latin.

Took the Dull road to Aberfeldy where I stopped at the Watermill for a baguette before wishing I'd rested longer as I hauled myself up Griffin.
Never realized the descent to Amulree was so long, but Iv'e only been down this way once before, and then was rudely reminded that it's a climb from the junction through the village and then to the top of the Sma' Glen.

The climb from the Sma' Glen to the Buchanty junction is one I always forget and it never looks or feels as steep on the way down it as it does on the way up.
Contemplated the greenness of Glen Almond now I was out of the Highlands and then remembered there's a bit of moorland to climb before the plunge to Kinky bridge via the Fowlis'.
Got a bit worried I was on the wrong road as I'd set Kinky Bridge as a way point and didn't recognize the road going this way, crossed the A9 at Aberuthven and then stopped at the shop in Dunning and realized that I was going to be home around 2 hours earlier than I'd allowed for.
Just a blat along Strathearn to Kintillo and then up the South Tay road to Hazleton from where it's downhill all the way home.

Nice easy day despite the climbing!

Re: Have you been out today on a Perm or DIY?
« Reply #554 on: June 01, 2019, 02:18:42 pm »
Pinch, punch, first of the month so a good day to bank a 200k DIY to keep an RRtY attempt going.

Woke at 3:40 and it was just about light so I got ready and set off on the dot of four. Down to the coast on the C2C track and through Sunderland before anyone was about. Even Hendon is tolerable when it's deserted.

Worked my way South through the 'Thatchered coal fields' (© Steve S & fboab. See upthread ^^^) to cross the Tees at Yarm. It was still too early for anywhere to be open for breakfast so I had a forecourt buffet at the garage on the Kirklevington road then cut across to Kiplin where I turned my nose for home.

Recrossed the Tees at Winston and crossed over into the Wear catchment through Cockfield and the various Aucklands, which were wick with lunchtime traffic. I'd been going right well up until then but a combination of rough surfaces on the Bishop/Brandon cycle path, rain, a million pedestrians and a squillion flies saw my average speed dropping on what should have been an easy bit.

Got onto the A167 at Durham, dropped onto the tri bars and flogged my way home to upload my tracklog before lunch. That's this month sorted then - I can sit on my backside and drink beer until July which should see the completion of my RRtY.
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Re: Have you been out today on a Perm or DIY?
« Reply #555 on: June 02, 2019, 10:21:27 am »
Pinch, punch, first of the month so a good day to bank a 200k DIY to keep an RRtY attempt going.

I had the same idea, by doing a circuit from Ponteland.  A 5.00am start, heading north west at first along the lanes then across to the coast.  A mapping error meant a bit of COR involving crossing a couple of fields, and three stiles; then a stretch on what turned out to be a private road.  Then along the coastal NCN past Druridge Bay, Howick Haven, to Amble then the road to Seahouses, Bamburgh, Waren Bay.  Lovely views across the beaches and the sea in the sunshine meant that the dodgy surface and a couple of stretches where I had to walk were worthwhile.

It clouded over and a few spots of rain as I slogged my way back down to Ponteland against a cross / headwind.  As a result of this empirical research I can confirm that:

- a recumbent bike (even a relatively light two wheeler) isn't easy to lift over a stile
- high pressure slick tyres aren't ideal for bumpy grass and muddy troughs
- however on the other hand the herd of cattle that followed me across the field seemed interested in the bike.  Or maybe thought that I was going to feed them
- the slightly lower height of the bike made it easier to duck under an electric fence at the end of the private road

Despite the comedy off-road and coastal tracks, an enjoyable day out and I was back well within the time limit.  So subject to the usual, that's the June ride sorted.

Re: Have you been out today on a Perm or DIY?
« Reply #556 on: June 16, 2019, 02:58:09 pm »
Got a bad case of cabin fever after this week's deluge so got up early and took myself off for breakfast in Topcliffe. Yet another schlep down and back up the Vale of York for a 200 DIY.

Almost hit a deer and a heron but not at the same time. Other than that the only thing of note was being overtaken by someone on the little dig up from the Red Lion at Plawsworth. Mortified to be overtaken by a bloke on a BSO wearing footy shorts and a baggy T shirt. The first thing that sprang to mind was that line from Paul Kimmage's book Rough Ride, 'overtaken by a bloody Fred'. Consoled myself with the thought that he didn't have 200km in his legs and he was forty years younger than me.

Still though, overtaken by a bloody Fred.
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