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Stevens Strada 1000
« on: June 10, 2016, 08:46:13 pm »
After selling my KTM Strada 3500, I've added a new bikicle to the stables, a Stevens Strada 1000 Disc

What can I say.. it's fantastic! The frame will support up to 130kg in total weight (rider with bike & all equipment). Carbon fork, triple butted alu frame, comes with Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tyres (which don't add much rolling resistance). Shimano hydraulic discs are working great. Full Ultegra compact is great, but is taking some getting used to (am used to triples).

Best of all, total weight of the bike is 9.1kg.. close to some regular road bikes!

It's a ball to ride, it's fast, but a bit hard to get it to lean over in the corners when going fast, but in town it's very maneuverable and robust. So, all in all: highly recommended!

Only thing I'm looking to change: modify it to take a regular road handlebar and Shimano hydraulic STIs as I'm not getting on with the flat bar.