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Unsquashed hedgehog.
« on: October 22, 2008, 08:42:35 pm »
I sat on a bench in Winsford, waiting for my companion. A friend, Chris arrived and came over to chat. He saw what I hadn't noticed — a hedgehog sitting by the bench. It was perfectly healthy looking, not old, but stone cold dead. Was it the cold weather? A fright? Chris, being less worried about ticks and lice than I, turned it over and checked it out. No visible injuries.

Later during the ride we encountered a fox, several pheasants, a hawk, another hedgehog, a badger, rabbits, all road-kill, squashed into the tarmac.

Something that was either a large weasel or a small stoat ran across the road ahead of us. Live pheasants clacked and clattered about the verges, waiting to be shot if they escaped the motor vehicles.

Re: Unsquashed hedgehog.
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I saw a squirrel come within a hairs breadth of being squished earlier today.  I was waiting at a Tram stop, to go and meet my Brother, Sister-in-law, and Niece, and there was a daft squirrel wandering across the track, and indeed sitting on the track and fiddling with something in it's paws.  As the tram approached it seemed oblivious of it, but bounced away at some speed when it was within several feet, and almost appeared to fly out of the gap between the tram and platform.  I can't see it wandering too near to the track again for a while!
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