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Audax / Re: Looks like I'm going to Skeggy
« Last post by rob on Today at 08:44:28 am »
Chatted to a Ravensthorpe CC rider at the garage on the Lincoln bypass as I was filling up before driving home with the family.   Looked like a beautiful afternoon for it and the wind didn't seem to bad.
GPS / First time use
« Last post by Dominic on Today at 08:26:55 am »
Taken the plunge and bought a Garmin Edge Touring.  Got it yesterday and am now at work until next Saturday's London Wales London.  This will be the first time I have used it obviously, following the gpx provided by the organiser, which I have still to upload!!

Any tips for best use or perhaps more importantly any pitfalls to avoid.  I will be using it in conjunction with a route sheet.

OT Knowledge / Re: Pimp my bathroom
« Last post by T42 on Today at 08:20:09 am »
I would recommend the underfloor heating without any hesitation.  We have it in the kitchen and our bathroom.  It is the single most luxurious thing in my life.  I went from being a shoe wearer around the house to being a bare foot person.  It is one of our biggest regrets that we did not get underfloor heating throughout the house.

It's hell on the furniture: the wood shrinks on the underside and bows upwards.  We had it in one flat we moved into south of Paris and it buggered a solid mahogany table Mrs T's parents had brought back from Uganda.
OT Knowledge / Re: Under kitchen cabinet LED strip lighting..?
« Last post by SoreTween on Today at 08:15:50 am »
These are a plug & play alternative and very effective:
No LEDs failed in the set I fitted 6 years ago. 
OT Knowledge / Re: Pimp my bathroom
« Last post by BrianI on Today at 08:04:07 am »
My bathroom is also getting done next month. Im ripping the bath out, taking th room back to the bare shell and starting from scratch. (Not me personally, getting a bathroom company to do the job)

Im getting a rather nice 800x1000mm quadrant shower enclosure put in, a nice sink and a "comfort height" loo!
Rides and Touring / Re: Have you been out today?
« Last post by asterix on Today at 07:28:06 am »
Yesterday was at last able to take to the Limousin roads after weeks of being too busy cream crackered finishing the kitchen and downstairs bathroom.  My worries over diminished fitness ill-founded fortunately.  Did about 50km up and down the hills :) then went back and did some skirting board :(.
Audax / Re: Chiltern Audaxes - 1st May Bank Holiday Monday
« Last post by Huff n Puff on Today at 07:23:02 am »
Thanks Bagman,
The Cafe in the woods is a manned control so you'll need to stop there whether you purchase food or not. My tip for a half way stop on the 200k is Hambledon, although you'll need to slightly deviate off route.
Yes, the Hale and Whelpley are both steep descents as highlighted on the routesheet and emails to entrants.
See you on the day.
The Pub / Re: Circular runways are the answer! ?
« Last post by asterix on Today at 02:30:47 am »
So, that's why they built the M25.   Just letting motons use it until they expand Heathrow.

Hahahaha!!! Nice one!

"M25 to be converted to main Heathrow Runway." #DailyMash

Oi!  They pinched that off me.

Maybe the next London airport should just be an extra lane on the M25?  Solve all the problems.
OCD, or Aspergers would be my guess.

The key to Amanda's success is not due to any type of mental defect- it's her love of riding, drive, and off the charts mental and physical toughness.

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