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It is a message from out there beyond. They are trying to book an arrival time of 9:30 this weekend, for one adult and one child. They promise they won't eat you.
OT Knowledge / Re: car conundrum
« Last post by hellymedic on Today at 02:02:48 pm »
an equilateral triangle a square and a circle all have the same area; which has the longest circumference?
a triangle and a square don't have "circumference", they have perimeter.

Indeed but pedants' threads are elsewhere.

Circles have the smallest perimeter for a given area and spheres the smallest surface area for a given volume.

Red blood cells are usually biconcave discs to increase surface area.
Spherocytosis (spherical red blood cells) is a known medical problem.
I would not worry then about the neighbour, one thing I would do though is to mention the tree to your building insurance company as they generally have clauses in their contracts which specify risks associated with trees in close proximity to your home
Audax / Re: Bryan Chapman Memorial 2018
« Last post by La Flahute on Today at 01:55:57 pm »
I'm in ! First post on YACF and first BCM coming up, can't wait, & I hope to eat cake and not my words.
Now that my loinfruit are all over 18 I think they all count as "adult born child" though possibly not "care child".

Concerned about reference to "this book". Is that The Book?

Definitely agree with "please don't eat our other people".

Warnings sent.
Thanks for these truly excellent responses!

I will indeed get the water tested, and will also keep a backup stock of bottled water as a "just in case".  I know the filter and UV system is less than a year old, but will ensure I find out where to get supplies, and keep a couple of years worth in stock.  The neighbours also have a borehole, as does the farm up the road.  I'll try to get info on the borehole records (not on the geological maps!)  Almost certainly done by Powys Drilling, if its the same age as the bungalow (1985).

The oak tree show signs of a gentle crown raising some time ago, and currently looks to me as if its unlikely to be a hazard to anyone in the next few years.  I didn't get a chance to get up close and personal with it during our short visit to view the house.  The adjoining landowner is a farm, and it looks like he just uses the field for silage, although an older photo does show a few cows in it.
The Pub / Flag Quiz
« Last post by Tom B on Today at 01:45:15 pm »
Change of pace. We had a fantastic day a-wheel. Swiss Hat organised perfect weather plus gave us the option of declining some of the hills via the Less Anfractuous route. Caught up with old friends plus chatted o some folks who attended the Long Distance Ladies night at Look Mum No Hands. Was great to get feed back and put faces to virtual reality names.

What’s not to like?
Audax / Re: 2017 AUK Reunion
« Last post by HK on Today at 01:28:27 pm »
I'm enjoying this thread. Give me a few mins whilst I go and get some more popcorn  ;D

But, being serious though, I think the Reonion* lost its way when it was separated from the AGM and meaningful voting.

(* so named as it brings a tear to the eye)

Plus one.

And of cours there are no s always the old skool approach to get folks off their bikes and to the AGM part provide free tea and caik - it worked magic for the Marlboro AC
OT Knowledge / Re: car conundrum
« Last post by Ben T on Today at 01:26:07 pm »
an equilateral triangle a square and a circle all have the same area; which has the longest circumference?
a triangle and a square don't have "circumference", they have perimeter.
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