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Racing / Re: Tour de France 2018
« Last post by Porkins on Today at 06:16:13 pm »

Aksherly the clothes don't match...this prisoner must be another miscreant.
You got the chair? Business class then.
Racing / Re: Tour de France 2018
« Last post by woollypigs on Today at 06:15:09 pm »
De Sisti see Porkins post above
The Knowledge / Re: Does anyone know what gravel is?
« Last post by Porkins on Today at 06:14:17 pm »
gravel fire roads
Believe it or not I've seen fire roads in UK forests, done a fair bit of enduro motorcycling in such places. In my experience they're at least 10 parts earth to 1 part gravel. Sometimes there's a layer of fresh gravel on top but it soon gets scattered and buried by vehicles.
Racing / Re: Tour de France 2018
« Last post by De Sisti on Today at 06:11:29 pm »
I wonder what happened to the guy who tried to punch Froome?
The Dark Side / Re: Parking brake and 2009 ICE Q
« Last post by Kim on Today at 06:09:31 pm »
A shifter's a fair bit more convenient than a velcro strap, especially when you want to stop briefly and do something with both hands (add/remove clothing, take photos, that sort of thing).  I have an auxiliary V-brake on my Streetmachine that I use like a car handbrake (also functions as source of donor parts should I damage a gear shifter mid-tour).  Unless you need it for legal compliance[1], if you're happy with velcro, that's fine too.

Main advantage to having a rear brake on a tadpole trike is for handbrake turns when it's icy.   :demon:

[1] If you've got a setup where a single lever operates both front brakes like barakta and Tigerbiten have, you need the rear parking brake as an independent braking system.
Racing / Re: Tour de France 2018
« Last post by Mr Larrington on Today at 06:07:34 pm »
Stage 12: Bourg-Saint-Maurice Les Arcs > Alpe d'Huez

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Racing / Re: Tour de France 2018
« Last post by Porkins on Today at 06:06:42 pm »
Froome is reportedly not speaking to the press. It's pretty obvious that Geraint wasn't riding for him. Will there be handbags? Geraint struck me as very sheepish in his interview, bigging up Froomey for being the best ever. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when Brailsford tries to restore order.
Passed overhead en-route to Far orough, at an altitude of around 2000 feet!
The Pub / Re: Online Food Hygeine Cert
« Last post by Torslanda on Today at 06:03:02 pm »
I have asked a friend for a recommendation, she's an NVQ assessor and says she'll get back to me v. soon

Meanwhile, is the HighSpeedTraining course delivered on the Great Western or East Coast main line?
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