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The Sporting Life / Re: World cup 2018
« Last post by andyoxon on Today at 01:08:01 pm »
Belgium have got to be favourites to win our group but it’ll be a close one. And could potentially be a great game.

Good that England v Belgium will should decide the top two order.  Think England will edge it.

Oh no, it's happened, I've fallen into the emotional trap of placing some hope in England's future performance... 
Food & Drink / Re: Beer!
« Last post by PaulF on Today at 01:04:07 pm »
I think I might have to track down some Cannonballs. It's the problem with living in the craft beer desert that is Oxfordshire.

Whereabouts are you? There’s always a good selection at Bellingers in Wantage (the Vauxhall dealer, I kid you not!) and Q garden centre just outside Didcot. Plus Whitehorse Brewery in Stanford
The Pub / Re: what I have learned today.
« Last post by Peter on Today at 12:49:06 pm »
There are at least these two:-

There are another four preserved, I believe.

Freewheeling / Re: E bikes - 'the next big thing'
« Last post by ScumOfTheRoad on Today at 12:46:16 pm »
I've never been to Denmark or Italy so don't know if K and L are the norm there or just edge cases,

Type K is the norm in Denmark. Yes, all the sockets have little smiley faces. However the Euro two-prong plug type C fits the sockets just fine.
the three pin Europlug, type J, I hae not tried. Should be one around the office if I can find one.
Older houses in Denmark have a light switch beside the door which will incorporate one or two type C sockets, I guess intended for low current draw.
Camping It Up / Re: Trangia gas stove making popping noises
« Last post by trekker12 on Today at 12:42:52 pm »
The popping is worse at low flow rates. When the gas is turned up it makes a roaring noise which isn't very conducive to a late night coffee at the campsite.

Without a pan, it's burning orange which I don't remember when it was new, gas stoves are usually blue in colour. We've only had it 18 months or so.

The instructions state you shouldn't poke anything in the jet as it can be accidentally enlarged. Lifted into the light you can see through the hole so it seems to be clear. It's almost like the fuel is burning off before reaching the burner.
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: Can I Re-purpose a Kindle Fire?
« Last post by fuaran on Today at 12:28:34 pm »
It is possible to install apps manually. ie find an APK file and install that. You will probably need to tick the option for unknown sources in the security settings.
So that would let you add another ebook reader etc, if you can find an APK.

Or you can install the Google Play Store, though this can be a bit more complicated. It relies a few other Google services, that aren't on the Kindle as standard.
Freewheeling / Re: E bikes - 'the next big thing'
« Last post by quixoticgeek on Today at 12:25:17 pm »
But that Type C Europlug is unearthed so probably not too good for charging bikes. And, as you said, doesn't in practice fit too well in other supposedly compatible sockets (it's own type of sockets being theoretically extinct). If we're talking about charging batteries in a domestic environment, people are going to use whatever there is at home. For on-street chargers it's going to have to be a bit tougher.

Yeah, that's kinda the point I was trying to make, in a very round about way, very badly...

The Pub / Re: what I have learned today.
« Last post by ScumOfTheRoad on Today at 12:24:46 pm »
Deltics - I knew that they were originally developed for the Navy. Didst not know were for MTBs.
OK train buffs - are there still any Deltic locomotives running in service on UK railways.
(Prepare for incoming!!!)
The Sporting Life / Re: World cup 2018
« Last post by LEE on Today at 12:22:33 pm »

Raheem Sterling.  Answers on a postcard please because I have no idea..  I've never rated him and he's never proved me wrong. He couldn't hit a Cow's arse with a banjo.  Swap him for Rashford ASAP.

I remember getting a verbal kicking in here for saying simikar things about Heskey.  Especially his international scoring record compared with Uruguay's goalkeeper.

Sterling's International goal record is worse than Heskey's (and worryingly only 2 better than mine).
Food & Drink / Re: Beer!
« Last post by Pingu on Today at 12:19:17 pm »
I think I might have to track down some Cannonballs. It's the problem with living in the craft beer desert that is Oxfordshire.

In other news, a cheeky and frivolous to Stone Brewing Berlin yesterday to cushion the impending doom of SXF yielded some of the best beers I've had so far this year.

Stone Pilot Series Golden Kraut - 8.5% golden ale w/ juniper, caraway and sage. The herbs were just strong enough to taste throughout the glass but subtle enough for it to be dangerously drinkable.

Guezerie Tilquin/Brasserie Artisanale de Rulles Stout Rullquin. Apparently it's La Rulles Brun blended 7 parts with 1 part one-year old lambics, aged in oak barrels and then refermented for 6 months. Reminiscent of a Flanders red but more  like tamarind or pomegranate molasses than balsamic vinegar.

Ooh - we're planning a visit to Stone later this week  :P
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