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Rides and Touring / Re: Mid-Essex Mid-Week Nocturnal Series
« Last post by Oscar's dad on Today at 11:31:17 am »
Orange Tree is ok by me - I've been before, CTC Christmas do I think. There's a yard & beer garden at the back for bike parking, I seem to recall.

Yes - it's been refurbed since you were there I expect, new loos and garden re-done.  I'm just checking with them that they don't have a Wednesday quiz night on...  (promo material promises pasties and cream teas LOL)

Confirmed no quiz night on Wed so looks like a go'er :)  :thumbsup:

So tomorrow evening is the Orange Tree?
The Pub / Re: First-World Problems.
« Last post by Kim on Today at 11:27:03 am »
How about Fibonacci sizes?  Would make for some interesting stacking options...
A bit of a downer for anyone purchasing the 0 eggs box

Got to cater for the vegans somehow...
The Pub / Re: Super-Twat
« Last post by clarion on Today at 11:26:12 am »
It was that or Ken Dodd while I drove to work...
V-brakes with matching levers.
These will be more powerful than 'trad' cantis, but with the disadvantages that it is harder to get fat tyres out and modulation isn't as good.

That's an interesting perspective.  I have never had issues removing or replacing wheels with v brakes and fat mountain bike tyres.  Also, I find that I can use as little or as much braking force as required, even on a fully loaded tourer.  Each to their own of course.
On The Road / Re: Matt LeBlanc is an arse
« Last post by clarion on Today at 11:23:20 am »
A neat ethical tool.
On The Road / Re: Matt LeBlanc is an arse
« Last post by Kim on Today at 11:22:28 am »
A useful rule of thumb for use of the horn is "would the recipients* be grateful for me beeping?"

If the answer is no, don't do it.

This, I like.   :thumbsup:
GPS / Re: Splitting a GPX
« Last post by frankly frankie on Today at 11:21:01 am »
The current Gmaps API hasn't changed since about 2010.

I'd go with text editor personally.  Just so easy.
I don't think Simple-GPX (which is excellent at what it does) is really what the OP was asking for.
Being deliberately controversial. The difference between v-brakes and cantis.

V-brakes work. Pull too hard the wheels lock. Finesse required, a skill to be learned.

Cantis. Pull hard and the bike slows down, pull harder and most of the extra effort goes into bending the brake arms and stretching the straddle cables.

This is dismissed by purists as 'modulation', to v-brake users using cantis it's 'why won't this bastard stop?'!

Wossa 'troll'...?  ;D
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: What's my Iphone full of?
« Last post by Greenbank on Today at 11:16:27 am »
I have similar as I tend to buy second hand iPhones every 2 years for about £150. Right now I have an iPhone 5 (not a 5S) and it's getting near its end of life.

Settings -> General -> Storage & iCloud Usage -> Manage Storage

I see I have:

Used: 12.18GB
Available: 696.1MB

And it lists the apps in order of usage.

Adding up all of those app sizes gives 8472.4MB, so I guess almost 4GB is taken up by the phone Operating System itself.

Reminds me that it is probably time to upgrade. I can get a 32GB iPhone SE for ~£150 on eBay, possibly a 64GB version for not much more if I hunt around a bit.
Quote from: chillmoister link=topic=104706.msg2257459#msg2257459 dte=1518696721
no, but someone once said 'weather guaranteed'  ;)

I'd love to meet the guy that originally promoted his audax with that   slogan.
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