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  • Summit 'Bout Titterstone Clee 300 & End of the Line: 08 May, 2021

Author Topic: Summit 'Bout Titterstone Clee 300 & End of the Lines 130 - 8th May - Bristol  (Read 562 times)

Following on from the successful Air Mail & Thames Tickler next up we have the following on Saturday 8th May.

Summit 'bout Titterstone Clee 300 - 06:00 | Easton - A fast ride with a handful of hills; one being Titterstone Clee, its trig point and radar stations. Enter by clicking the image.

End of the Lines 130 - 08:00 - Fishponds - A new Brevet Populaire: visit four defunct local terminus towns; Calne, Malmesbury, Tetbury and Thornbury. Use some old railways, pass an old engine shed, eat cake at a goods shed, roll across the Cotswolds and into the Severn Valley. Enter by clicking the image.

That leaves the following events for the year. I am working on a few extra BPs shown as TBC.
Bristol Glasgow Bristol 1600 is developing well with confirmation it will be an RM event as well as a 10d BP.
In general events will open the day after the previous ones.

Plains, Trains & no more Automobiles 200 -
Sherston Shuffle 75 - tbc
Sat 12th June

Sunseekers & Moonrakers 300 -
Sat 10th July
***Not the Moonrakers & Sunseekers route!

Big Gert Brevet 1600 -
Sat 21st Aug
Pure X rated 9d10h40m ~160km/d
Bristol Glasgow Bristol 1600 -
Tues 24th Aug
Pure X rated 6d19h12 ~235km/d

Chalke & hAAArd Cheese 200 -
hAAArd Cheese 100 -
Sat 11th Sept

Moonrakers & Sunseekers 300 -
Fri 19th Nov
Everyone that signed up previously will be given the option to confirm their entry before official entries open, or likely goes straight to a waiting list.

George's Delightful Abbeys & Roads 200 -
George's Delightful Roads 160 -
Minor & Roads 100 -
Sat 11th Dec

Double Creamed Full Fat Festives 1000 -
Full Fat Festive 500 Pint 1 -
Mon 27th Dec
Full Fat Festive 500 Pint 2 (The Original) -
Wed 29th Dec

The initial 30 spaces have filled on the End of the Lines 130. I am awaiting for the 👍 from the events team for a larger field so hang in there.

Entries on the End of the Lines 130 have reopened.

1st route check done of Summit 'bout Titterstone Clee 300 mainly to check an all English route just in case.

Views are still stunning!

And I've managed to get this beaut in and find a late night cafe/bar that is the ideal final stop, a little upstream from this.