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NCN5 Cannon Hill Park - Bike Train
« on: November 07, 2018, 01:39:55 pm »
NCN5 in Birmingham runs for a couple of miles through Cannon Hill Park.  The park is, mainly, unlit and in some sections can feel quite remote.  There was a spate of muggings of cyclists and runners last winter and as result people are reluctant to use it for the winter evening commute.

A couple of us are trying to organise “bike trains” through the park in the evening.  The basic idea is that people wait at the park entrance for up to 5 minutes, see who else turns up, and then ride through at the pace of the slowest rider.  Looking at the volumes of riders going into town in the morning it shouldn’t be a long wait. We are encouraging people to meet on the hour, at quarter past, half past, and quarter to.  In an idea shamelessly stolen from Chase The Sun we are going to ask participants to tie a green ribbon to their saddle so that we spot each other easily and meet up at traffic lights etc.

The hope is the whole thing would quickly become self organising.

Would welcome any comments, suggestions, and offers of assistance.



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Re: NCN5 Cannon Hill Park - Bike Train
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I've not been using the route through Cannon Hill Park much this year due to the closure of the back entrance onto the Pershore Road - it's less faff for me to just stay on the road.  But this seems like a decent idea, albeit one that shouldn't be necessary.

I'll keep an eye out if I head that way at commute o'clock.
Careful, Kim. Your sarcasm's showing...