Author Topic: Turn Instructions Stuck on Garmin 1030  (Read 677 times)


Turn Instructions Stuck on Garmin 1030
« on: 07 March, 2019, 08:58:05 am »
I have been testing my 1030 since I got it at the end of January.   I recorded the ride in and ride out and have been using this to test the screens navigation and recording.

Everything has worked swimmingly up until this morning where I started it up, chose the route and set off.   The turn guidance said 'Head North out of Rob's Street' and then stuck there for the rest of the ride.   My position updated throughout the ride and the map location was fine but the turn guidance thought I was still at home so didn't update or alert me for any turns at all.   

I did stop a couple of times and restart but that didn't help.   The turn instructions are turned on in settings and the only thing I have done since last using it on Tuesday is to upload some .GPX files for a couple of upcoming 200k's.

Anyone else had anything similar ?