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The Pub / Re: The Grumble Thread - No energy for a full on rant.
« Last post by Beardy on Today at 08:07:29 am »
Why can’t the boffins sort out a cure for the 'common cold'. I mean it’s been around, like forever and being common there’s lots to practice on.

Feeling slightly like death warmed up as long as I sit still. Movement risks causing a coughing fit measured on the Richter scale and also suggests that my limbs are intact composed of lead. 🤧🤒
The Pub / Re: Matt LeBlanc is an arse
« Last post by Jaded on Today at 07:50:52 am »
The horn is most often a ridiculous piece of equipment.

Those who use it except in emergencies and exceptional circumstances are likewise ridiculous.

Road users should be aware of other road users and behave accordingly. Trumping loudly “IMIMPORTANTANDIMHERE” is rude and bullying and almost always uneccesary

I disagree, in that London, I use my horn to indicate my presense. Quite often too.  Rarely to a cyclist, actually can't remeber the last time I used the horn to indicate my presence to a cycle rider.
I cannot remember the last time I used my horn. I try and drive so that I don’t get into situations where other road users are surprised and my presence has to be indicated by a parp.
The Pub / Re: The "I'm Such a Fecking Div" Thread
« Last post by T42 on Today at 07:47:48 am »
So flip it in Photoshop and nobody will know.
The Pub / Re: Matt LeBlanc is an arse
« Last post by T42 on Today at 07:43:25 am »
For some reason I can't explain I am reminded of grinding up a good kilometre of gritty 8% on a hot day in the Massif Central behind a peloton of slow-moving cows with diarrhoea.

Maybe London Leblanc needs more cows. Hell, maybe London needs some too.
Freewheeling / Re: Farewell, Green Peugeot
« Last post by CrinklyLion on Today at 07:38:37 am »
Yes it was :)
The Pub / Re: Matt LeBlanc is an arse
« Last post by Polar Bear on Today at 07:37:56 am »
Hmm, the horn is there to warn other road users of danger.  So, Clarkson Jr believes that it's OK to commit one misdemeanour to complain about another and yet he also admits that he's not going to be a source of danger.

Deserves a mention in Super Twat methinks.
The Pub / Re: Little Eye On The Provinces
« Last post by Moleman76 on Today at 07:22:37 am »
^ emergency services could just note that address, and decline to answer calls from her in the future, so as not inconvenience
Freewheeling / Re: Farewell, Green Peugeot
« Last post by Ruthie on Today at 07:13:43 am »
Wow. Rest in peace old Peugeot. That really is the end of an era.  God, that festival was fun wasn’t it.   :)
OT Knowledge / Re: Why do towels have non-towel strips?
« Last post by Johnny Faro on Today at 06:23:34 am »
I think/speculate that blankets have the satin smooth but as wool blankets are itchy and even if now made of something else no one has changed design.
The Pub / Re: Matt LeBlanc is an arse
« Last post by Gattopardo on Yesterday at 11:42:49 pm »
Is he trying to be clarkson?
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