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GPS / Re: what 3 words
« Last post by Diver300 on Today at 08:09:45 am »
The description of the emergency operators wanting W3W, only and not accepting other systems is appalling, but mirrors my experience some years ago.

I tried to call an ambulance to here:-,-1.475,17z

Apparently, Lat and long wasn't acceptable, nor was the fact that it was where the B585 crosses the A444. They wanted the road names, or the post code. I really don't know postcodes except for anywhere I've lived or worked, and the road signs generally point to road numbers, not names. Bosworth Road and Barton Road are far from unique, and both the A444 and B585 have multiple road names along their length.

If those in charge of the emergency services have side stepped responsibility, and sold out to W3W so that lat and long, or grid references, or Plus Codes aren't acceptable, someone should get sacked.
GPS / Re: what 3 words
« Last post by bobb on Today at 08:08:55 am »
Not to worry, if you've had the Covid vaccine, the microchip now swishing around inside you will constantly emit a signal so your exact location will always be known. All you have to do is tell the emergency services your name and they'll know exactly where you are!
Rides and Touring / Re: ACME Miscellany
« Last post by αdαmsκι on Today at 08:08:32 am »
Ooo, there's an idea Tomsk. I've give that some thought.
I am the living proof that men *can* multi-task. I have just walked from the kitchen area to my office, while spilling coffee down my trousers at the same time!
GPS / Re: what 3 words
« Last post by Jaded on Today at 07:49:31 am »
Ah, but you cannot bigly monetize that!
I hope this isn't too far off-topic.

I came across this:-

TLRD; It's an article in Nature about how people will add stuff to solve a problem rather than remove stuff.

Examples in my experience are barriers on bike lanes ( and beg buttons with pedestrian detection radar, with a suitable delay as punishment for being a pedestrian, when the green man could perfectly well be lit every time the lights go red for the cars, saving the cost of the beg button box, the radars, and the posts they are fitted to, each time a car doesn't stick to the rules.

(The bike barrier that I linked to is the replacement because, well I'm sure you can guess. The original will have damaged the car further, "had" to be be replaced, all at significant cost, when the solution would have been to rip it, and probably the bollards)
GPS / Re: what 3 words
« Last post by Polar Bear on Today at 07:33:37 am »
Here's a novel idea:  what about an app which can send your location from the smartphone where it resides direct to emergency services using whatever the national or international protocol is for where it finds itself using it's inbuilt GPS capabilities? 

The app should be easy to use:  open app, press big red "emergency" button.  App rings local emergency services and both displays (for reading) and sends (if the local emergency services are equipped for receiving this information) location data at the touch of the big green button which appears when you are connected to the local emergency services depending again upon local capabilities.

I am pretty sure that there are people and organisations who are au fait with the procedures for contacting somebody in an emergency wherever they are on the planet so just build it into a smartphone app.
GPS / Re: what 3 words
« Last post by Jaded on Today at 07:29:59 am »
But if you have a phone thst is capable of running w3w you don’t need a sequence of anything.
Rides and Touring / Re: ACME Miscellany
« Last post by Tomsk on Today at 07:23:20 am »
Or ride the ACME Grand at the beginning of September as your over distance 600. Better scenery than Goole.

I would, but I cannot take holiday during term time.

Helpers' Ride & Route Check the weekend before? It's the bank holiday weekend - I won't be riding as I'll do the event itself, though I intend riding the route as my summer holiday tour between now and sometime in August. But I know what the week leading up to the start of term is like for teachers ...
Health & Fitness / Re: Beardys running log - Ct5k
« Last post by Polar Bear on Today at 07:20:59 am »
Just back from my weekly intervals session.  Glorious morning and a great way to start the day.

My low hr maff-esque run is tomorrow Beardy and I do an hour at it once a week.   What surprises me is how I cover only about 1km less in an hour than when on a regular steady session.  I'll be leaving the house at about 05:45 and starting the session before 06:00 if you'd like to join me.
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