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Here for the smallest portion of beans on toast I have ever been served

That address in Clitheroe is a long way from Beacon Fell

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Anyone know if there's a cycle friendly, back route into M40/A43 Cherwell Valley services?

 edit.  found this...  Looks like it's a hole in the hedge...   :)
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Must be some in Eastern England... a small contribution...

Cafe Velo, Beverley - idk if they sell spares and what not long time since I visited.

Wymondham Windmill, Melton Mowbray, has a bike shop (Windmill Wheels) and the cafe at the Windmill itself. Absolutely worth a visit.
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The Victorian Tea rooms . 
The Shackerstone Railway Society Limited,, Shackerstone CV13 6NW England

 Extract from the days log:-

I was thinking of a break when we hit Shackerstone when Pam beat me in shouting to have a break at the Victorian Tearoom.  We followed the signs an nearly missed it except we asked a local who noted it was over the Hump back bridge, it sign hidden by the Bridge.  The access road was long and Muddy, GOAW muddy in a lot of places.  Turns out its next to the canal and a station on the Battlefield line Heritage railway.  The pace is unique absolutely stacked with Victoriana and lace tablecloths, but not linen napkins.  Well worth a visit.  Apprently from Pam’s Chat with the chef, the bulk of the Objects were collected by his mum, he was more select collecting china cups and teapots, of which there were Many.  Highly rated, a Huge China teapot full, of strong tea, china cups and plates and homemade pasty and salad supplied with bone handled cutlery to eat it with.  The only downside of the place is with very few exceptions its only open Sat, Sun and Wednesday.  We were lucky as we normally ride Tuesday and as an exception this ride was a Wednesday.  They do have a website:-


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Dean Forest Cycles has a good cafe, sells bikes and parts and does bike hire.
We went here with our RSPB group over the weekend.  Very friendly. 'Of course you can leave your cars in the car park while you go to find some birds'. Good jacket potatoes, hot apple juice with cinnamon, and cake.
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Excellent coffee if you're a ponce like me. Cyclist size portions of cake. Workshop that seems geared towards gravel and the American style of Randonneuring.

I can't comment on the workshop from experience, but looks to be as high quality as the food and drink.

Currently limited opening hours (9- 12 Friday and Saturday for the Cafe, think workshop is available Tuesdays till Saturdays 8- 5, but on an appointment basis).

Owners seem very quiet people who let their work do the talking.