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When you cross Playstation 1 graphics,  2021 particle effect filters, and survival game mechanics; you get a video game experience that feels like you're playing the role of a character in an illustrated Grimm fairy tale.

I've been playing online with another forummer; and it's bloody awesome.

It's little surprise that this early-access indie title has sold 4 million copies on Steam this month.


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MS Flight Simulator. Shameless plug: I've been involved in the development of a voice control product over the last year, and it's just had its first independent review by Obsidian Ant.


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Gosh there has been a AMD 6700XT for sale at Scan for over a day.  Asrock is nobody's favourite brand and at £785 about £400 more than I would pay for a card I want.

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Availability of AMD 5000 series CPUs seems to have improved with  more reasonable pricing atm apart from Currys, who seem to have gone bananas wih pricing, although MSRP hitherto. The latest intel Cpus are not selling well it seems and are already being discounted.
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