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Re: Tent pegs?
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Doesn't anyone else use their SPD shoes to hammer in pegs? No, not stand on the pegs, take the shoe off and hammer the peg in with the cleat. Most shoes are hefty enough to get a good thump in.

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Re: Tent pegs?
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I tend to wedge the top of the peg under the cleat and slowly press it in using my heel as a pivot point.  Doesn't completely eliminate sideways forces, but gives a decent degree of control.
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Re: Tent pegs?
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I managed to salvage 13 straight or straightened pegs. :) The remaining 4 when I tried straightening them went from sharply angled to sinuously curved in 3 dimensions. They look pretty and I'm tempted to repurpose them as earrings, maybe for domesticated elephants. I also ordered more pegs of two different types, which arrived today. Only on opening the packet did I realize that I had, through sheer inattention, ordered some which are plastic.  :facepalm: Still, they have aluminium tips, weren't too expensive, are very light and if they prove too fragile will come in useful for pub games.
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