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Best thing I found in a skip
« on: July 26, 2020, 06:15:33 pm »
I've nabbed some great stuff from skips - 70s "racer" bike got be started, but we've managed spare glass panes from the greenhouse (which was a freecycle job), kids toys and I was really pleased with a pair of tennis rackets yesterday.
Today I think I may have hit the mother-load though, in that I got a whole acoustic drum kit (took two trips with the cargo bike).

What's the best piece of someone else's rubbish you got?
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Re: Best thing I found in a skip
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2020, 10:06:59 pm »
We have a skip at work - occasionally other people dump stuff in it, occasionally I remove stuff.

On the 'Wobbly Workshop thread' I put photos of the recipricating saw I recovered from the skip - it just needed the mains wires tightening in the connectors.  :smug:

I grabbed a useful looking large holdall, and found it contained a six berth Khyam tent - one of the pole joints was broken, but there were spare joints with it so I was able to fix it - it fetched £92 on ebay...  :demon:

The big pillar drill was really difficult to get out of the skip - I had to take it apart to recover it. I must find the fault on the switch and get it going (it works if I push the solenoid by hand insulated screwdriver) as it's better quality than the one I already have.  ::-)

Luckily when they were getting rid of the circular sawbench, they asked me if I wanted it before they chucked it in the skip...  ;D

I've also had 'teak' garden furniture (a bench and 2 tables) that have needed slight repair, and a few gazebos that also needed slight repair.  :P
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Re: Best thing I found in a skip
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2020, 10:51:37 am »
When soapbox racing started to attract the interest of motorsport types, it was because McLaren designer Gordon Murray held an event on the driveway of his house in France.  He imposed a strict budget limit of £50.  "How, Mr Murray", asked a defeated rival "does your racer have a titanium steering rack costing, IME, twenty thousand of Her Maj's nicker, on a budget of fifty notes?"

"Came out of a skip behind the factory!"
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