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Re: Sports Biscuits
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I know how they come from, it was more a case of where they came from. I don't remember any local biscuit factories. Maybe there was a huge national trade in broken and other malformed biscuits.
When I worked making Branston Pickle (Premier Foods) the best times were when the factory shop had Ambrosia. It's a long way from Devon to Suffolk- I can't imagine the Devonians got excited about pickled onions in the same way.

United biscuits at Ashby will have been the source of yours.
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Re: Sports Biscuits
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Ah, that might be, this was Heanor market. I always remember it and also the fact that the toilets had a big sign warning about VD. None of us knew what VD was (a parental request for more information was always rebuffed) but it soon spread to 'so-and-so having VD' being a standard insult (I imagine this was more than a little troubling for our schoolteachers). It also meant we peed very quickly in case we stood there too long and caught the dreaded VD.
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Re: Sports Biscuits
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Multisports and other possible interpretaions