Author Topic: Radius fracture at proximal elbow end shoulder - recovery timescale???  (Read 450 times)

Took a flyer after hitting a pothole a week after getting a Brompton and starting to commute by train and bike. Bad luck and more than a little bit of stupidity and operator error. I was too fixated on a dithering car than watching the road.

Result is a fracture of the radius where it joins the elbow. No displacement so I've got a 3 week period wearing a sling! I just wondered if anyone has had a similar injury who could give me an idea of recovery? I'm due a telephone physio consult this afternoon but I'm impatient as there's a fair amount of pain and stiffness right now. When does the pain stop? When can I ride a bike or drive a car? When can I... You get the idea, I'm impatient. I'm off work today so I can have the physio consult but glad I did that because it's hurting and distracting.

Tomorrow I'm going back but although office based I often do physical work too. Not sure what to do as I have a lot on and kind of put things back a bit, well you never think am accident might stop you a bit. What did you do when you broke your arm? How long off? Etc, etc, etc.

General experience or typical timelines back to normality would be very helpful to me right now. Also any pain relief actions other than drugs. I'm taking paracetamol and ibuprofen separated by a few hours but what else? Wheaty bags? Got a few of them but would heat help at all?

Sorry to hear that. Do you have a cast on? From what you say, I’m guessing not so it must a stable fracture. Normally a bone takes about 6 weeks to heal but if the fracture is stable then you can start moving it right away. The sling is there for comfort. Start with small movements of the elbow and gradually increase with time. Only go as far as the pain is tolerable. Pain will subside once the swelling subsided though it may be up to a year till all the pain is gone. Ice or heat can help if it gets painful.
Get well soon.
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My brother in law fell while playing tennis 2 years ago and suffered a fracture of the radial head. A&E diagnosed it, gave him a sling and told him to take painkillers.  I think he went to the fracture clinic a few weeks afterwards where they changed the type of his sling, and told him what exercises he should do on the arm. IIRC the most difficult thing he found was rotating his hand (I forget in which direction). He could drive after a bit, but wasn't able to play tennis for significantly longer, unfortunately I can't remember the exact timeframes.
Healing is pretty individual, so I'm not sure that would be much use anyway - hopefully your physio will be able to give you some useful information and GWS.

DON'T overload it.

Keeping mobile is important, but do not push it for weeks. The physio and medics will give you better guidance.

Overdo it and you will distort, permanently, lifelong permanent, the bone shape. It isn't worth it. Have patience for a few weeks.
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Stroke of bad luck. Slipped and fell. Point of elbow contacted lightly with ground. Slight return to pain level a day back. Movement is still the same as yesterday which was getting better. Nearly straight arm and getting towards full movement.  Think I'll call the orthopaedic number I got to check if I need to get it seen again.

Not having much luck this week. Roll on Easter!

I've been taking it easy but yesterday and the day before I had a real ache to the arm. It extended up my arm a bit too. Also from the end of the first week my elbow was a lot looser for the exercises but my wrist felt sprained along with the muscle in the forearm at the top.

It feels worse than the initial break. Not been doing anything much with it.