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10s jockey wheels vs 9sp jockey wheels
« on: April 10, 2021, 02:10:27 pm »
Reading this review by CJ of a new gravel mech he mentions that
"I’ve used a 9-speed MTB mech (XT Shadow) with 10-speed Ultegra STI to shift an 11-36 cassette on my road bike for some time. It’s always worked – even better since I fitted 10-speed XT pulleys."

Very similar set up to our tandem except we have 105 STI and a 9s Deore XT mech whose shifting is OK but I think could be better.  What is the difference between 10s and 9s jockey wheels and why would it make a difference.

Any recommendations for a suitable pair of jockey wheels for a RD-M771 mech?


Re: 10s jockey wheels vs 9sp jockey wheels
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I doubt there is any effective difference, my Audax bike has been 2x10 Ultegra shifters, 3 x 9 SORA shifters & 3 x 10 mixed Sora/Ultegra with the same RD-M772 for all, (nominally 9s but it just pulls what the shifter tells it), 10s 11-36 & 9s 12-36 cassettes, over 25,000 kms combined, maybe I have broken some law of the universe but it all seemed OK to me.

PS I think it might have had a RD-M771 when it was originally 2x10 as there seems to be a spare one in the parts box.

Re: 10s jockey wheels vs 9sp jockey wheels
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2021, 07:59:14 am »
I’ve run a 9 speed mech with 10 speed chain and cassette for years without any noticeable adverse effects. In any case, jockey wheels engage with the inside of the chain links which are all the same width with 3/32” chains, only the outside gets narrower with increasing number of speeds.
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