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Weird Knee Pain
« on: October 09, 2013, 07:46:16 am »
I know the usual knee afflictions but this is a new one on me. A week after completing my first 300 (with no immediate ill effects) I had a sensation in my right knee very like a bramble scratch when I bent it to 90 degrees or more. In fact thats what I thought it was. However there were no external marks or swelling. Six weeks later, it's still there but feels more 'internal' and now only kicks in if the knee is bent and also twisted eg putting on socks or getting into bed. It can be quite sharp in nature and very specific to the lower front of the kneecap. Walking, running, cycling is unaffected and actually seem to help. My right knee has always been an awkward b***r following a busted ankle years ago, but this is a new one. Anyone have any ideas?
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Re: Weird Knee Pain
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That's not weird at all, but a very common cyclist's problem. Google "Chondromalacia" for plenty of info.

I suffered from this many years ago, when I was a racer. The only thing that helped, apart from giving up cycling, was to always spin on very, very low gears,instead of
pushing hard on the pedals like I used to do. You can also do some cross training. Running and swimming does not put the kneecaps under pressure like  cycling does

Re: Weird Knee Pain
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I had a patellar tendon tear that felt exactly as you describe. I have also suffered chondromalacia but that pain was focussed above my kneecap usually. I wore one of those thin support bands for a while and it helped quite a lot.