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I tend to agree that big tyres and mid to deep section rims are a poor match in cross winds. 28mm (31 actual) Schwalbe Ones on 31mm deep Kinlin 31T is hard work when it gets too windy, but 25s are pretty well fine. The difference far exceeds what you might expect.

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@DrMekon I think for you at your weight(a little less than me)the SLR will be the better option you get shallower rims , the carbon bars and the Frame will weighs a little less or buy the Frameset and build it how you like which is what I would do .
With regard to the wheels , only the latest Enve's have been designed to run with 25/28mm tyres all the rest were designed to run mainly 23mm or 25 mm , zipp  303 which are wider than there 404 or 202 for that matter , were designed for 23mm , I can get away with 28 conti on my 303s unless it's very windy in which case I swop out the front for something shallower , the 303 are wider than the Vison wheels on my SL6.

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The latest Enves are on my wish list for sure - but I would need a promotion to justify them to myself!

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I see that Trek have just launched a "Dege" version of the Domane in both disc and rim braked versions.
They're saying that the "Dege" has a longer, lower position.
It certainly looks that way since the head-tube is very short and the top-tube is almost horizontal. I haven't found any geometry info yet.
I think it uses a "higher grade" carbon composite than the "endurance" geometry versions.

Perhaps the lower position would suit you Dr M although I suspect it costs "F*ck me how much"* ?

* Maybe you'd need two promotions to justify it and the wheels  ;D.

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Well first impressions are good!   Did a 50km shakedown ride yesterday , it feels really stiff when first riding off, but it really does soak up the road surface, not to soft Ti levels but still really nice! The new shape Ultegra hydraulic levers are long  but I like the shape,  the change feels clunkier than usual , though that may improve as I tweaked the gears a bit after the ride.  The brakes are superb. really superb.  Gearing seems good, I'm not a big fan of compacts , but this semeed ok as I was pretty much in big ring all the time, and  although I've not really hit any proper hills yet, but it does suggest that the lowest gears will be low enough !  Wheels are quite bling  but roll well and seem fast, I broke a couple of Strava PRs on roads I ride fairly regularly.  I havent really needed to change much, move seat height a bit, put the bars properly level  ::-)  tweak the gear change , do a full PDI  ;D
Am really pleased with it, really looking forward to lots more miles on it and thats how it should be.