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First impressions - Hoy Bonaly 24
« on: June 25, 2014, 11:04:15 pm »
We've just bought the youngest, Naomi aged 9, a Hoy Bonaly 24 and I thoght I'd share the first impressions. Obviously can't comment on longevity yet.

She just fits comfortably, with the saddle at the bottom of the range. The bike is much lighter than the typical current child's bike and doesn't suffer from having 'suspension forks'. It does have big 1.9 inch tyres though, but I've got a set of Schwalbe Kojaks in 25 by 1.5 waiting in a box somewhere in the shed.

The bike was built up by Evans and the brakes are properly adjusted and work - a first for a child's bike (excepting the Forum Roadbike for Kids) - and the gears are also well adjusted. It has, mercifully, only one chain ring and a wide range cassette. The lowest gear is 32 front : 34 rear on 24 inch wheels. Low enough;) Gears are changed with a Shimano trigger shifter, which I think is better than the twist grips commonly found on this sort of bike. Importantly, it's red with a yellow flash and passes the 'cool' test easily. When we decided that we should buy her a new bike I guided her to look at the Islabikes Beinn and the Hoy and she chose the Hoy herself. I agreed with the choice. Ievitably, various other bikes appeared on the screen, but were all dismissed as not looking as nice.

I really like it. It feels like a proper bike and not the usual BSO that gets pushed on kids.

We had a ride last night and she was immediately at home, and rode further than usual and with no complaints. This is a big step on from the previous machine (will be free in the classified shortly). When I took her up an off road incline she stopped, but then changing down to the low gear she set off again, commented how easy it was and rode confidently to the top. Hannah had no choice but to follow cyclocross style on the FRBfK. She even rode to 1 mile steady climb home without a stop at the end of the ride.

Overall, very pleased. I hope that it will also prove durable

Pictures to follow


Re: First impressions - Hoy Bonaly 24
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I wish I'd known about these bikes before buying a Cube MTB for my 9-year-old daughter. Same price too. Hers is 12kg, it's not a bad bike but has far too many gears and the extra weight of a suspension fork which is pointless.

This Hoy is lighter even than an Islabike I think, sounds very nice.

Re: First impressions - Hoy Bonaly 24
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Yes, she's loving it. Rode to and from cubs tonight, including a lap fo the field. Most excellent stuff.

Sorry about the monochrome - doesn't really do the frame justice, but I had the black and white camera with me.

Edited to add - that's not our house or garages! I was saving for a shed, but spent the money on Naomi's bike...

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Nice review and photo.

The general impression is that there is a better selection of bikes for kids out there.

L'enfer, c'est les autos.

Re: First impressions - Hoy Bonaly 24
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I've not seen these bikes - never even heard of them before - but I'd add my voice to those saying suspension forks are pointless on the vast majority of kids' bikes.
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