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Rides and Touring / Re: Have you been out today?
« Last post by LittleWheelsandBig on Today at 06:46:42 pm »
Out on my trike with Edwin and HK with the tune of the day being "Slip sliding away" About 100km of muddy and icy Shropshire lanes and included lunch at a cyclist cafe in Audlem and a visit with an old mate, Jim Gresty. He is looking a lot better than the last time I saw him.
The Pub / Re: Bought any cycling stuff today?
« Last post by ElyDave on Today at 06:34:16 pm »
three new merino wool tops arrived this morning
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Handmade
« Last post by ElyDave on Today at 06:32:48 pm »
I saw the Japanese swordmaking one, the family business. That was fascinating as well.

I found the website for the knife maker, they start at £220 for the plain ones, and about £350 or so for the Damascus blades. I can't decide whether the Damascus ones are a tool or a work of art
Where The Wild Things Are / Re: The pet-specific rant/grumble thread
« Last post by Jaded on Today at 06:03:09 pm »
We had a cat that ate rubber bands.

Every now and then the rubber gloves had to be deployed to remove the attached string of sausages. (Once the cat had been caught...)
Basically, don't give them human food.... (though an occasional treat of boiled white fish or chicken will make you BFF)
Health & Fitness / Strange hip, groin, knee pain
« Last post by velosam on Today at 05:47:28 pm »
A few hours after  my commute in last night I was in absolute agony with sharp shooting pains in my knee, inner thigh and groin area.

I think it’s something to do with my hips but I have no idea what.

I did not push on the commute home, it was almost leisurely.

I have been doing ice packs today. It’s been fine but I have now got a dull throb in my hip and a painful knee.

Any idea what I could/ should try?

Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: Advent of Code
« Last post by Ben T on Today at 05:38:58 pm »
Day 16
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OT Gallery / Re: Lovely Lichens
« Last post by BrianI on Today at 05:34:10 pm »
Nice find, Salvatore!
If/when I get a Proper Macro Lens for my new DSLR, I must try and get some lichen spotting done!
Racing / Re: RIP Sharon Laws
« Last post by Karla on Today at 05:33:38 pm »
Less than ten years since she was all over the TV at the Beijing olympics?  Ouch.

The brightest stars burn for the shortest time.  RIP.
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: Advent of Code
« Last post by Diver300 on Today at 05:31:18 pm »
Day 16
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