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I am given to understand that blood pressure measurement at the wrist is inaccurate.

I have read nothing to suggest that cheap basic upper arm machines are inaccurate.

Some hospital machines are Omron.

I don't think you can go wrong with something like the Omron M2. Compatible spares, like cuffs of different sizes, are easily available. It uses standard disposable batteries and has a jack plug for a mains adaptor if you are so inclined.

ETA There might be cheaper offerings for the M2 on ebay.
Health & Fitness / Re: Sleep
« Last post by Valiant on Today at 01:07:48 am »
You can get travel and 12v machines :) The Dreamstation Go is one and has changeable batteries.
I bought a £20 jobbie from my chemist. Seems to give the same measurements as my docs and my sisters fancy ones wot cost hundreds.
Bicycles / Re: Ribble CGR-Ti
« Last post by Kev Sp8 on Today at 12:28:12 am »
Pardon my ignorance, but why would that make the bike a non-starter? My knowledge of bike geometry and its impact on a bike's usefulness is basically non-existent as you can tell!
The Pub / Re: The RANT thread (often contains fruity language)
« Last post by andrewc on Today at 12:21:39 am »
You are welcome to stay at our place if you wish to go via Peterborough/Cambridge and split the journey Andrew. I could pick you up and probably then take you over to the midland line to Lpool via MK or Bletchley. Dunno how that would affect ticket prices. Or failing that just tranfer you over.

Thanks Bob.  Just booked Harwich  > Cambridge > Birmingham > Liverpool.  Nearly 7 hours & £85  :jurek:     
Audax / Re: The London Orbital 300km - Saturday August 11, 2018
« Last post by mattrobinson999 on Today at 12:18:58 am »
Hi Everyone,

I'm looking at entering this, it looks great; but I don't drive and I'm unable to ride there the night before and don't really fancy riding there on the day at 4am...
Is there anyone driving in from near Hatfield (Herts) with an extra space in their car who could give me a lift?
I'd be happy to pay the fuel costs, and I'm also happy to cycle back home after the ride, so wouldn't need a lift back if inconvenient.

If so, please could you contact me at

Thanks for reading,
Could be up for this if I can fit it in around life and ALC meets on the 1st and last weekends.
Rides and Touring / Re: Mid-Essex Mid-Week Nocturnal Series
« Last post by jiberjaber on Today at 12:04:35 am »
Although based on MTB tyres, an interesting video, which seems to confirm mine/Jibbers/others views

6 sealants tested


I think I was mostly influenced by Nik, Lynx and Malcolm towards Cafelatex.  It's only really let me down when it hasn't been there (i.e. the tyre was dry) - so user error rather than its fault.  I managed to seal the sidewall/bead puncture from last night - time will tell if it's useable. I've had bead punctures before and they are in an area which even when sealed can be prone to opening again if you hit an edge.
I'm running an 11-speed 105 mech as a single speed chain tensioner with an SA hub. Do I win?

(it's been through the spokes so is no longer straight enough for its original purpose)

The Pub / Re: What are you doing right now?
« Last post by Chris S on Yesterday at 11:58:15 pm »
Wondering whether the miniature bottle of absinthe I've had kicking around since about 2000 is ok to drink.

No pathogens would dare grow in that - I'm sure it's fine.

Probably still got absinthe in it, thobut  :hand:

and?  :D
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