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The Pub / Re: You know you're middle aged when
« Last post by road-runner on Today at 08:30:23 pm »
I don't wish to be disrespectful to King George VI's contenmporaries but I wonder at what point you realise that you are getting beyond middle age.
Audax / Re: Man of Kent 200k, 18th March.
« Last post by man of kent on Today at 08:15:32 pm »
I thought the first was 2009 and I rode the 2nd one as my first

I'll be there as always, a highlight of the year for me to herald in the spring.

Just noticed this and indeed the 2009 edition was the first one. The event didn't run in 2015 hence 2018 is the 9th edition. I'm mulling over ideas for a special 10th Anniversary ride in 2019!
Audax / Re: Man of Kent 200k, 18th March.
« Last post by Martin on Today at 08:12:52 pm »
Thanks for the update MoK; looking forward to the revised date ;)
Audax / Re: The Dean
« Last post by Audax Club Hackney on Today at 08:10:09 pm »

Audax / Re: Man of Kent 200k, 18th March.
« Last post by man of kent on Today at 07:59:09 pm »
A very sound decision - as the accounts coming in from The Dean today confirm. Even if the overnight snow has stopped falling by morning, many of the lanes will be treacherous. (Some of them aren't that good in the best of weather!)  I know that we are all on a private excursion, etc, but were I organising an event I would still feel a degree of responsibility if a rider were to injure him or herself as a consequence letting an event go on in the face of very bad weather.

I hope MoK will still be able to cover all of his costs if he has to pay extra to re-book the hall.  If not, perhaps an "honesty box" at the arrivee?

I am very fortunate that the person who looks after Golden Green Mission Hall is very supportive of my events and has agreed to reschedule the booking to the revised date. The commercial controls have also been very accommodating and the Vicarage is available too:-)
Phototalk / Re: Lomography /Low-tech 35mm
« Last post by Kim on Today at 07:49:12 pm »
I'd suggest that a meaningful 'out of camera' image would be an image file, in whatever format, cryptographically signed by the camera.  How you present that is unimportant, as there are countless ways of moving files around that all have their advantages and disadvantages in different contexts.  Verifying the signature and rendering or otherwise analysing the image should be left as an exercise for the reader.

This is all going to become very important just as soon as there's a big court case that hinges on convincingly faked video evidence.  It's slightly baffling how little support for this sort of thing there is in the industry.

Everything else is using the camera as part of the toolchain for some greater purpose, whether that's creating art or sampling a spectrogram, and considering the camera in isolation is naive.
Rides and Touring / Re: ACME Miscellany
« Last post by jiberjaber on Today at 07:44:50 pm »
Back to the important stuff - Wednesday night adventures.

Last night was a new venue for me - the Live and Let Live in Colchester which turned out not to be the pub I thought it was as I had mixed it up with one nearby.

The pub was a bit like the Carpenter's Arms in Maldon; basic but carrying a good selection of ales - in fact, too good as you will see...

I arrived to find Chief, Oaky, Huggy, Tomsk, OD, the Hustler, Jiber, Stanners and special guest star the Straggler all well into their first sample.  They seemed really pleased to see me and were very encouraging about my ongoing fitness program  ::-)

We sampled American Red by Calvors, Black Shuck by Hellhound and Evolution by Mr Majolica.  Usually the Hustler and I are in full agreement on the Quaffers' Choice - being gentlemen of refined tastes.  However this week we ended up in a long and bitter (geddit !) debate between Evolution and American Red.  We took it to the wider assembly but that just made it worse with a number of people opting for different choices entirely.  In the end the only option was to leave it to the wisdom of Tomsk.  Fortunately Tomsk made the correct choice and Evolution was duly given the Quaffers' Choice Award.  At that point another round of tasting began just to make sure.

Talk was of OD's new Alpine regime, the best way to cook horse and corporate governance.

We left to a windy but relatively mild night which meant a bit of a slog home for those of us heading East, Tomsk must have flown back.
Just watching Penelope Keith's coastal villages (living the dream on a Saturday night!)  and there was reference to Black Shuck
Audax / Re: The Dean
« Last post by Von Broad on Today at 07:43:36 pm »
The Dean is always going to be hit or miss weather wise, but this outing must be the most challenging for years.
Being a full value rider, I have vivid memories of going over the Marlborough Downs when the wind was howling right good and proper in anger one year. And that was during the evening of a good day. I cannot imagine what it's going to be like out there tonight. No, actually I can imagine!!!
To those out there - wishing you all a safe journey.

The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by spesh on Today at 07:33:28 pm »
Like A Virgin - Madonna
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Legs on Today at 07:26:34 pm »
Zoot Suit Riot - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
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