Author Topic: Three Bromptons, a Moulton and a Bickerton - 200 km from Northallerton, 03/05/21  (Read 5772 times)


  • It's a fecking serious business, riding a bike
My pace was much better than expected till I got to the private school at Cundall. Then my knee started complaining. I eased back a bit but it didn't shut up. I decided discretion was the better form and all that, and decided to bail. I was so annoyed at the 'waste' of the day I went bimbling square bagging instead, so I got all the weather, and the hike a bike walking was at least as bad for the knee as cycling so I might as well have ridden the whole lot.

O, and the icing on the cake? The velcro on the trunk bag ate my shorts. I was so cold & wet I didn't notice I had bare flesh exposed on my upper thigh.

TSS is not Total Sex Score, Chris!

I'm sure the weather would have been better if you'd all ridden Bromptons, Moultons and Bickertons.

Oh, and a small correction to the above - it was one Brompton and one Moulton. No Bickertons, but there's always another year.

In the end I had 22 riders on the day and 21 (slightly damp) finishers. Thanks to all the helpers, of course, and those who did start, though the day did get a bit grim so I can't really blame anyone for staying in bed.

There's a bit of leftover cash which I'm going to bung at my local food bank. And leftover cake which I'll have to distribute round the neighbours.