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On Y-tube recently and I'm seeing a number of people with vlogs where they document their riding abilities/fails and successes/latest acquisitions. Money/time seems to be no object and there are some audaxes and riders who appear. I know Damon peacock has done some clips about audaxes but these are about a rider and his/her riding life. Any one else watched them and have thoughts about them?

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I follow this on Youtube.

Very well filmed/edited and very interesting IMHO.

If you like watching people climb hills (hills which I will never be fit enough to do, then Sean Owens is your human: 

I don't suppose the second one is a Vlog as such but its good to watch while on the turbo.
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Katie Kookabura's youtube channel has some really good videos, she covers everything form Audaxes to sportivs to her first race.

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