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Eric Fletcher
« on: April 19, 2021, 07:41:43 pm »
It is with a great deal of sadness that I learned of the recent passing of Eric Fletcher, organiser of the Flapjack Audax from Chippenham for 20 years. Some of you may recall the "go home heavier than you came" advertising, one of the few events run in the depths of winter, whatever the weather. Eric ran the event with his wife Gill, who provided her legendary flapjack and cake baking. There's a link here with further information. Thoughts with Gill and their family.


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Re: Eric Fletcher
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The first time I entered the Flapjack, it was snowed off. Those who'd turned up were obliged to eat the flapjack, beans on toast, and other wholesome comestibles after a short slip-slide in the snow.
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Re: Eric Fletcher
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Sorry to hear this - the Flapjack was the first audax I did and I loved it. I couldn't get over all the food and hot drinks that were supplied as part of the entry fee but this was only possible because of the volunteer efforts. There was a lovely club feel to the event as well, it was clearly part of the Chippenham Wheelers annual calendar. 


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Re: Eric Fletcher
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I have fond memories of the Flapjack - in a year when CET Junior and I were aiming for 10 x 100km rides for his brevet 1000.  The weather was properly seasonal, and so when CET Junior advised me that being blown sideways wasn't his thing, I decided to use the pass for a solo ride, and needed every one of the calories provided.  It was one of those beautifully hospitable events that will stay in the memory.

RIP Eric
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Re: Eric Fletcher
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I came to a view recently that Eric liked to run the Flapjack in the depths of winter, so the riders enjoyed the food and Chippenham Wheelers hospitality even more. Sometimes they had to be asked to leave the control at Kemble to make room for incoming riders as they were too busy eating, chatting and enjoying the warmth of the heaters! Eric's reputation for a "well fed" and friendly event will live long in the memory, an event I very much hope to keep going next year.

Re: Eric Fletcher
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Eric's "Flapjack" was my introduction too, to both Audax and Chippenham Wheelers, in 2002. He showed me a wonderful "New World".

His presence added warmth and joy to all kinds of cycling situations. Of course, his flapjacks were at the pinnacle of perfection in eating!

Eric, thankyou.