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Today's motorised moron
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Reading the Road - Scenario Based Question

Read the scenario and the question carefully, before selecting the correct answer.

You're driving an Audi Q7 (the behemoth SUV, for those unfamiliar) northbound on a dual carriageway with 2 lanes. A set of traffic lights is on the northbound side and they are currently red.

Immediately after the traffic lights, on the left, is a narrow single carriageway road with 2 lanes. The junction is at 90 degrees to the dual carriageway.

You're driving northbound and you want to go straight over the junction, but there is a hazard ahead of you. It's a low loader with a mahoosive set of caterpillar tracks on the bed (no idea where the rest of the machine was! Probably split across a couple of other lorries). The lorry is stealthily camouflaged in bright yellow/white/red paint and has more blinkenlights than an after dark critical mass ride.

The lorry is positioned diagonally on the dual carriageway, with the rear of the trailer in lane 1 and the front of the trailer in lane 2 and the unit already half-turned to the left. It's also indicating left with the attendant, creepy computerised 'Warning. This vehicle is turning left.' thingy on the go. The rear of the trailer is not quite far enough from the kerb to allow you past. You have noticed 4 cyclists ride into the gap already, and one cyclist (riding an awesome Brompton called Lady Bertie) has stopped behind the trailer.

Taking account of your knowledge of how traffic lights work - answer the following questions. When you select an answer, you will receive a further question based on your answer.

Question 1 - What is the correct procedure for dealing with this situation?

Option A - Wait behind the lorry and let the driver get on with it when the lights turn green.
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Option B - Option A + Lean on your horn to alert the lorry driver of your presence before the lights turn green.
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Option C - Mount the pavement to your left so that you can follow the 4 cyclists into the gap on the left of the lorry, before the lights turn green.
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