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Re: Menu of epic rides.
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I was up walking in Scotland a month ago, and lots of people were doing the North Coast 500. There's a growing infrastructure for it. May would be the best time, as the weather is more stable, and the midges aren't out.

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999 Miles of Rome and Southern Italy
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I think all of the Italian long brevets deserve a place here. The newest is the 999 Miles ride See June's thread for lots of information:-

A challenging ride with beautiful scenery, with 150 hr or 168 hr time-limits. It was my choice for a testing ride on reaching my 60th year!
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Re: Menu of epic rides.
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I am going to circle back to the original post on this thread. Like Morbihan in 2015, I just turned 49, and I want some sort of epic bike adventure for my 50th, next summer. I have convinced SWMBO that an epic bike adventure will be cheaper and healthier than a sports car.  Since PBP 2015 I have done minimal riding, and I want to put something on the calendar now so that I have motivation get my saggy arse back on the bike and get myself back into shape.    I would love a multi-day adventure, not necessarily a 1200k randonnee, but something challenging.  I don't mind sleeping in the occasional bus shelter, but I don't want to ride a fully loaded touring bike. Heavy bikes just aren't that much fun. 

I would love to hear any suggestions that you kind folks have to offer. Randonnees, raids, tours, self-imposed challenges--anything that sounds interesting and challenging.

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Re: Menu of epic rides.
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I can thoroughly recommend the Raid Pyrenean Touriste (the 10 day version, but you don't have to take that long).

However, it might be worth planning it for next year now since, just 14 days after crossing the Tourmalet in 30+ degrees, it's snowed up there last weekend.

Re: Menu of epic rides.
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Spot of self promotion & I'd really like others to give this a go. One day it may be a calendar. I thought it was pretty epic from start to finish.

The BGB Challenge aka Bristol-Glasgow-Bristol 1600 or Big Gert Buttocks. Awarded 22.5AAA

Vilas Silverton gave it a go a month after me, chapeau! Here's his write up